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Media Related Requests/Services

Media related services are provided by UNIT’s Multimedia Technologies group which assists faculty, staff and students in integrating multimedia resources into Villanova Law School's educational program. Some of our services include:

  • A full featured video recording studio
  • Distance educational services such as streaming media.
  • Full technical support on all hardware utilized in the classroom environment including faculty laptops, video projection, video production, rich media and video recordings, and network interface.
  • Technical support for seminars and symposiums held at the law school.

Additional Information

Request Forms

For any other event related requests please contact Brian Sirak in Multimedia Technologies.

Note:   Requests for audio visual services, event and/or recording support should be made at least one week in advance to avoid scheduling conflicts.


  • Classroom Recordings
  • Rich Media 
  • Audio Recordings and Streaming Capability 
  • Video Capture and Streaming Capability 
  • Interactive Whiteboards/Sympodiums
  • Conversion Capability
  • Analog to Digital
  • VHS to DVD


Report a Problem or Request Assistance

Call the Classroom Support Hotline @ 610-519-5631 to report classroom A/V problems, request assistance or request training. 

For basic operations we can often meet you right before your class and get you up to speed!