Training the next generation of Villanova lawyers, leaders and advocates.


At the Villanova University Charles Widger School of Law, our broad-based legal education is grounded in academic rigorpractical hands-on training and a foundation in business that primes graduates for diverse and rewarding legal careers.

Guided by our Where Law Meets Business philosophy, our programming infuses vital business principles, professional skills, ethical training and practical experiences into each student’s education. Through critical coursework, multiple clinics and hundreds of externship placements, Villanova students learn by doing so they graduate with the knowledge and skills needed for success in today’s competitive job market.



Christyan Telech

"Villanova's focus on business & law gave me the skills to communicate concepts instantly legitimizing me to my externship supervisors."

-Christyan Telech '18

Gabrielle Weiss

"The invaluable one-on-one client interaction in the clinics taught me how to balance several clients & to prioritize their individual needs."

-Gabrielle Weiss '18

Simeon Poles

"The program was, without a doubt, essential for my development as a lawyer, and it prepared me to hit the ground running.”

-Simeon Poles '17

Christopher Rodrigues

"My career advisers gave me perspective & oriented me to my future."

-Christopher Rodrigues '19







Whether you are looking for a traditional law degree or to broaden your expertise, we have the degree, concentration or area of study for you.