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Ceremonial Courtroom

Villanova Law's building includes five state of the art courtrooms.  In addition to four smaller courtrooms, our new building boasts the Martin G. McGuinn Ceremonial Courtroom.
Our Martin G. McGuinn Ceremonial Courtroom is an extraordinary teaching tool used to prepare students to integrate the most contemporary uses of technology into a courtroom setting.  The Ceremonial Courtroom is used in trial advocacy courses that will prepare Villanova Law School's students to be premier advocates and litigators. 
The Martin G. McGuinn Ceremonial Courtroom is also an excellent venue for Villanova Law School's top notch Moot Court Board to rehearse for outside competitions and is used to host the Law School's annual Theodore L. Reimel Moot Court Competition.

Ceremonial Courtroom

Courtroom Technology

The Ceremonial Courtroom is also used as instructional space for regular Law School courses.  The Ceremonial Courtroom is one of many large classrooms with state of the art technology.  Some of the technology includes:

Rich Media Capture and Live Streaming

Sonic Foundry's Mediasite platform for rich media capture and live streaming.  

Audio Capture 

Features bench and ceiling microphones in addition to wireless and lapel microphones.  The audio captured can be recorded to create an instant court record.  The microphones also have echo cancellation technology.

Video Capture

Equipped with three video cameras installed in strategic locations that offer ideal video capture of different courtroom perspectives (judge, advocate, and jury).  The videos recorded by the cameras can be edited to create a complete and stylistic record. 

Video Display

Two projection screens handle the presentation of evidentiary displays.  Images are projected onto the screen by two video projectors attached to the ceiling.  These projectors are equipped to handle an array of inputs including computers, DVDs and document cameras.   

Audio System   

Speakers are strategically placed throughout the Courtroom to optimize sound amplification without creating echoes for the audience.  The speakers also feature a "mix-minus" voice lift system that greatly reduces the possibility of feedback and allows for a consistent volume despite the inconsistency of speaker voices.  

Assisted Listening System 

Equipped with infrared Assisted Listening System and corresponding portable receivers that provide assistance to those who are hard of hearing.  The infrared laser system does not interfere with systems in adjacent rooms.  This system meets the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Touchpanel Control Stations

Touchpanel control stations are located at the lectern, the judge's bench and the AV control booth, and control all AV functions in room including the lighting, AV input, and recording.