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Academic Computing & Support

Academic computing support for students and faculty is provided by UNIT’s Instructional Technologies. Instructional Technologies works to ensure that technology serves the Villanova Law School Community's goals.

Student Support

Technology is a strong tool for 21st Century law students and the Office of Academic Computing enables Villanova Law School's students with the technological resources to be successful students and future lawyers. 


Faculty Support

Villanova Law School's faculty use some of the most modern techniques in introducing technology into legal education.  The Office of Academic Computing works to support the faculty in their work as educators and renowned legal scholars. 

Additional Resources

Additional resources and services are available to ensure that Villanova Law School securely progresses as a leader of technology in legal education.


Report a Problem or Request Assistance

Call the Classroom Support Hotline @ 610-519-5631 to report classroom A/V problems, request assistance or request training. 

For basic operations we can often meet you right before your class and get you up to speed!