Employers today want lawyers who have demonstrated knowledge and experience in specific practice areas in addition to well-rounded general legal education. To meet this demand, Villanova Law offers five concentrations and 15 diverse focus areas within the JD degree. Specializing gives students a strong foundation in the fundamentals, as well as the advanced skills needed to excel in the competitive legal marketplace.


Concentrations at Villanova Law are intensive, competitive specializations that provide students with a deep understanding of the subject area, while at the same time preparing them for careers in one of five areas—Business Law, Intellectual Property Law, Health Care Law, Litigation and Dispute Resolution, or Sports Law. Students must apply and be accepted into a concentration.


Villanova Law offers 15 varied Focus Areas of Study which can guide students in their course selections to develop specialized expertise without the more extensive commitment of a formal concentration. Students can explore their interests through coursework, clinical experiences and externship placements in one or many areas of study.





The Law School offers students the opportunity to tailor their JD degree and gain a deeper understanding in one of five concentrations.