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Multimedia Tools

What is it?

Blackboard provides or is integrated with many options for different types of Multimedia content.  

Videos- Youtube 
Images- Flickr
Presentations- Slideshare
Classroom Recorded Lectures- Mediasite
Self Recorded Lectures- MyMediasite

These are all integrations that are built into Blackboard.  Generally, we recommend uploading video content to our streaming services available through Mediasite/MyMediasite.

Why faculty use Multimedia?

Multimedia is a gateway to reaching many different learning styles in a flexible and dynamic way. Multimedia proves strong reinforcement of concepts that are taught in the classroom in an engaging manner.  

How do I setup Multimedia?

Learn how to use Mediasite
Fill out the form to have your class recorded

Embeddable content - Blackboard mashups 
Learn how to embed a Youtube video
Learn how to embed a Flickr image
Learn how to embed a Slideshare presentation





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