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University Information Technologies (UNIT) is the Centralized IT team who are dedicated to providing the University community with comprehensive IT services and solutions which includes providing and maintaining the University-wide computing infrastructure for academic and administrative use.  

We are comprised of 8 teams with 112 professional staff and are located in 6 locations across campus.

University IT Strategic Goals

Advance the Use of Instructional Technologies to Enhance Teaching, Learning and Research

UNIT will promote, implement and support educational technologies and environments that enhance and transform teaching and learning. Technology trends continue to impact learning spaces inclusive of physical classroom space to the virtual space where collaboration occurs constantly. The emphasis on mobility and access to University resources anytime and anywhere will shape the learning environment of the future. UNIT will collaborate and coordinate with all areas of the University community to create an environment that supports faculty innovation in teaching, learning and research. UNIT will continue to enable faculty, staff and students to best utilize technologies by providing quality instructional design, support and training services, reliable course and content delivery systems, and instructional facilities and ubiquitous network access.

Enhance the Technological Experience on Campus for Faculty, Students and Staff

In keeping with the University’s goal to provide quality facilities for faculty, staff, students and alumni, Villanova will continue to invest in and enhance technology constantly seeking to add to user convenience and mirror the effective use of technology in society. UNIT will continue to engage in University defined initiatives that add value and are critical to providing an enriching academic experience.

Maintain Our Commitment to Provide Excellent Service to the Villanova Community

As a component of Villanova’s value proposition pertaining to “personal attention”, customer service is a core value in the execution of our department’s mission. UNIT is committed to the support of the Villanova community and will continue to develop expertise that will enable our staff to diagnose problems, deliver solutions and continuously support the varied technologies and users on campus. UNIT will strive to understand and exceed customer expectations; to improve our communication and listening skills; and to leverage technology to solve problems effectively and efficiently.

Provide a Comprehensive, Pragmatic Security and Information Protection Program

The University’s strategy for IT security has three primary objectives: Privacy, Integrity, and Availability. Privacy is the assertion that data is restricted to authorized users, while Integrity recognizes the importance that the information stored and used by our information systems is accurate and unaltered. Availability refers to maintaining the stability of information systems and their supporting infrastructure so that the systems are accessible. A pragmatic information security program institutes a consistent framework within which the security and 
privacy solutions derived from actual requirements can continuously be planned, built, operated, and measured.

The security strategy emphasizes prevention, incorporates a wide range of access control mechanisms, and sets clearly defined goals for the security of the University computing environment. The emphasis is on providing continuously improving and appropriate solutions based on consistent principles, techniques, standards and guidelines.

Invest in a Reliable, Scalable and Adaptive University Technology Infrastructure

Continued rapid growth in computing demand brought on by new applications, data and technical computing coupled with increased costs to maintain services have created challenges in delivering core products and services. The core products and services for the University include: messaging, ERP functionality, Course Management and Learning Systems, Campus Card, the web gateway and voice and data network. The size, scope, and complexity of these core functions and services have increased in terms of applications, systems, and network infrastructures.

UNIT will continue to utilize proper methodologies (processes, standards, culture, and tools) for managing these assets to produce clear advantages in cost containment, judicious use of constrained resources, and return on technological investment. The focus remains to provide a secure, reliable, scalable and flexible suite of core products and services to the University constituents in a timely and cost effective manner.

University Helpdesk

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School of Law Helpdesk

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