Office of the Wildcard

What is the Wildcard?

UNIT's University Card Systems provide the Villanova Community with the "Wildcard" allowing convenient, efficient, mobile and secure access to all card related services. These services include personal identification, facilities access and access monitoring, debit transactions processing, meal plan administration, banking relationship management, student printing allowance, and web-based and mobile transaction processing. The Wildcard is universally accepted on campus and at selected off-campus locations.

Get your Nova Bucks™ Balances by Texting!

text the word Balance to 675-13 anytime to receive your Nova Bucks™ account balances

Set-Up is as easy as 1-2-3!

Go to

Login using your Villanova User name and Password (the same password you use to check your VU email)

Click the “preferences” link next to your Nova Bucks™ account balance.

Click the “+” icon in the phone window.

Enter your phone number and carrier.

Click the “Send Confirmation” button. You must click the “I Agree” check box for the send confirmation button to be activated. Terms and conditions link provided.

You will be sent a text with a confirmation code, enter the code in the space provided and click “Confirm”…  that’s it,  you are done.

For more information, please call: 610.519.6202

Go Mobile Set- up Instructions

Connect to WIFI

Download the free CBORD Mobile ID for CS Gold from the App or Play Store.

Open the application and click "Settings"

Type in into the server URL

Click authenticate my device

Enter your student credentials (LDAP/ email)

Click authorize

Important Notices

Nova Bucks

The Office of the Wildcard is proud to introduce Nova Bucks™!

Villanova University’s Office of the Wildcard has given a new name to its Wildcard Debit Account feature. Introducing, Nova Bucks™…a new name, but the same benefits and features students have enjoyed for years. Nova Bucks™ allow students to make a deposit, and then enjoy the convenience of purchasing power all across campus at places like the University Shop and dining halls, as well as in selected merchants in the surrounding community. 

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Problems Submitting Photos?

If you are having problems submitting your photo on this web site, please e-mail your picture to, including your name and student ID number.

On Tuesday, March 3rd, the Wildcard Office will be closing at 4:00. 

Normal Office Hours

Monday - Friday: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

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Wildcard Video

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