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Working Remotely

Laptop Loaner Request

If you require access to a laptop for a Villanova approved work functionality.  Please fill out the Laptop Loaner Request form at in the Service Catalog

Access To Villanova Systems

If you need to access core Villanova University resources such as Banner, Novasis and network shares, while working remotely follow the instructions below. 

Already setup? Click here to access the Villanova VPN.

Some of Villanova University's resources are easily accessible from any internet connection, but others require configuration. Before you travel off-campus or expect inclement weather, read this guide to understand what you'll need to do to access computing resources from off-campus. Some resources may require you to configure your computer while you're still on campus.

What services will you need to access?

Here are some of the services that VU's community members frequently access from home. If you require access to specific applications not listed below, contact the Help Desk at 610-519-7777, visit the Tech Zone or email to find out how to access them from off campus. We recommend testing your access to these applications from off campus before you plan to work remotely.

It is recommended to perform the following tasks prior to working remotely.