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Blackboard Winter Upgrade

Beginning on December 28th at 1230AM/EST, Blackboard will be unavailable due to a system upgrade.  The downtime needed for this upgrade is 36 hours. While the system will be available periodically on December 28th and December 29th, please be advised that Villanova staff will be making additional changes to the system until 1230PM/EST on December 29th. We advise that no changes be made by faculty or students during this time.

In compliance with updated university policies regarding data retention, CIT will archive old courses from Bb Learn.  Additionally, the license for storage in Bb is finite and requires us to purge courses from the system to ensure optimal daily operation.  All courses in the following terms to be archived: Spring12, Summer12, Fall12, Spring 13, Summer13, and Fall 13.  These courses will be stored offline for a period of five years. The policy for Blackboard courses can be found here.

If you have any questions, please email your Learn coordinator or email CIT.

What is Instructional Design?

The process by which instruction is improved through the analysis of learning needs and systematic development of learning materials. Instructional designers often use technology and multimedia as tools to enhance instruction.

Why use Instructional Design to supplement my class?

Instructional design provides clear instructional goals, learners characteristics are considered, and students are engaged with interactive instruction. Other benefits may include collaboration, lessons designed to meet the needs of students, improved student performance, and more engaging learning experiences.

Where can I get help?

Arts & Sciences
Carolann Weidmayer x94416
Catherine Kolongowski x94293

Business & Engineering
Nathan Weyl x93051

Richard Wack x96738

Catherine Kolongowski x94293

Online Programs
Eric Hamberger x93267

Professional Studies
Kimberly Downey x96043

Blackboard System Requirements

System Requirements to access Blackboard Learn



Facuty can create on-demand lecture videos from the convience of their desktop to supplement existing content in Blackboard.  myMediasite presentations are capable of capturing anything on your desktop and synching that material with an optional webcam feed of the instructor.  For more information, please view the documentation for Lecture capture - myMediasite.