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Blackboard SaaS Updates

Villanova's Blackboard instance utilizes Blackboard SaaS continuous delivery model. SaaS continuous delivery will provide more frequent release, on a monthly basis, which means more opportunities for bug fixes and enhancements made available in Blackboard throughout the year while eliminating Blackboard downtime for these updates.  Please monitor this page for a listing of bug fixes and enhancements.

In compliance with updated university policies regarding data retention, CIT will archive old courses from Bb Learn.  Additionally, the license for storage in Bb is finite and requires us to purge courses from the system to stay within our limit.  All courses in the following terms to be archived: Spring17, Summer17, Fall17.  These courses will be stored offline for a period of five years. The policy for Blackboard courses can be found here.

If you have any questions, please email your Blackboard Learn coordinator or email CIT.

Blackboard Learn (v3900.0.0 – Available on November 5 2020)

Highlights (please visit Blackboard Release Notes site for complete list)

Blackboard Content Editor

Video Overview (2 minutes) 

One-Page Summary of Enhancements (Word Doc)

Complete List of of Changes (Word Doc)

Quick Tips  (Word Doc)

Blackboard Learn (v3800.2.0 – Available on February 6 2020)

Highlights (please visit Blackboard Release Notes site for complete list)

1. Java 11 JDK - This releases uses a new version of Java (Java 11 JDK).  Java are the libraries on which the Learn application runs and also the libraries that power Building Blocks (which many 3rd party vendors use to intergrate with Blackboard, including Mediasite, TopHat, TurningTechnologies, McGraw-Hill, etc...). To help identify potential incompatibilities between building blocks and Java 11, UNIT is working with Blackboard and 3rd party vendors to confirm and test building block capability with Java 11 in the weeks before 3800 release.

2. With this release, Blackboard Learn will remember instructors’ preferences for the Show attempts that don't contribute to user's grade filter on the Needs Grading page in the Original Course View. By default, the checkbox is unselected and student attempts that don’t affect grades won’t show on the Needs Grading list. When an instructor changes the setting, Learn will remember the preference across that user’s sessions and courses.

Blackboard Learn (v3700.16.0 – Available on December 28 2019)

Highlights (please visit Blackboard Release Notes site for complete list)

1. E-Portfolio submissions display within the Inline Grader Tool (Starting in December 2018, Blackboard did not support E-Portfolio submission displaying within inline grader tool, which meant that instructors had to download zip files to their computers.  This has now been fixed, and e-Portfolio submission will display natively within Blackboard).

2. New Originality Report available for SafeAssign integration (includes updated look and feel, some new information about a submission's overall risk for being copied from another source and it new report interface is also more responsive for mobile devices and more accessible to screen readers than the old design.

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