Background and Overview 

The University 2019 PC Refresh Program provides all eligible full-time faculty/staff a new laptop/desktop computer following a phased and scheduled approach.  This program involves by upgrading current hardware models along with a software refresh while placing a high level of importance on items such as security features, storage space, speed, mobility, and manageability. 

PC Refresh Guidelines 2019

The 2019 PC Refresh Program is designed for eligible full-time faculty and staff positions.  The University manages the program cost and this initiative's purpose is to assure faculty/staff have the computing devices to meet their needs.  

For full-time staff and full-time faculty, it is the responsibility of each VP or chairperson of each administrative office/College department to determine the computer model for their faculty/staff positions. 

Faculty may select either a Windows (Dell) or Macbook laptop standard model.  

  • If a premium model is needed, additional funds for the cost difference will need to be provided by your department.  During the model selection process, an account/department code is required for the upgraded premium performance model.  
  • Faculty can select from the standard models at no cost.

Staff will be provided a standard Windows laptop or desktop. 

  • Requests for Apple Macbook or Premium models will be handeled on a case by case basis and additional funds for the upgraded performance model will be needed to be covered by department.  

***Effective Fall 2018, any new full-time faculty or staff member, who received a new refreshed computer, will not be refreshed again in Spring/Summer 2019.  ***