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Mediasite and Video Delivery


Why should you use Mediasite?

Mediasite is a secure video recording and delivery platform that is available to all Villanova faculty, staff, and students. It can be used to record classroom lectures, student projects, special events, and training sessions. This content can then be shared on Blackboard or to select students or colleagues.

Mediasite serves three critical functions at Villanova:


By default, a Mediasite recording will upload as "Private" and cannot be accessed by anyone accept its owner until they manually unlock and share the presentation via the directions below.

If you’d like to request a recording of your class/event to Mediasite from a compatible Villanova space, see Request a Recording.

Mediasite Mosaic, Villanova's desktop lecture capture tool, allows you to record asynchronous lectures, slides, video, and computer functions (much like classroom recordings or narrated PowerPoint presentations). Since many users view online content with varying devices and internet connections, they may have issues viewing narrated PowerPoints. Recording with Mosaic will provide a more consistent experience for your audience.

Note: Mediasite Desktop Recorder is no longer a supported application as of June 2021; if it is still installed on your device, please uninstall and replace it with Mediasite Mosaic per the install directions below at your earliest convenience

Installing Mediasite Mosaic


Mosaic Help Documents and Tutorials

We strongly encourage you not to upload video files directly to Blackboard or to share videos on Blackboard via Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, personal email, etc.

You should upload videos to MyMediasite for distribution. This will improve the viewer experience by reducing the bandwidth needed to view the videos and making it easier for people using mobile devices or slower connections to view your content optimally.

UNIT's Multimedia Technologies Team is here to help!

Multimedia Technologies staff hosts Mediasite training workshops for the Villanova community throughout the academic year. To view a list of upcoming trainings, see the Workshops Schedule.

Alternatively, users are also welcome to request 1:1 trainings to review specific Mediasite issues. Submit a request for "MyMediasite Consultation and Training" to set up a session. Dates/times for 1:1 sessions may be limited to staff availability.


Additional Mediasite Resources

  • Mediasite Support Contacts:
    • Mike Gallo, Supervisor, Enterprise Video Platforms  |  Email
    • Stephanie Battistone, Multimedia Production Specialist, L2  |  Email

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