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Prospective Graduate Form Instructions

Please read all instructions thoroughly before completing the Prospective Graduate Form.
All undergraduate and graduate students (except those in the Charles Widger School of  Law ) should complete a prospective graduate form for each degree or certificate they are completing at Villanova.   Please consult your college's timeline for graduation to ensure that you are applying within the appropriate time prior to the completion of your degree requirements.     Download printable instructions.

How to complete the Prospective Graduate Form (Apply to Graduate)

Sign in to myNOVA using your Villanova username (format: and password.

1.  Search for 'Graduate'.  From the results, click on the Prospective Graduate Form task.
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2.  Graduation Application: Curriculum Selection

  • Select your most recent program term.  For the program from which you intend to graduate, choose the term in which you were last registered. Note: this could be a past term, current term or future term.
  • Do not automatically select the current termWhile the current term may be correct in your case, ensure that you are selecting the latest term when you are registered in the program from which you are planning to graduate.
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3.  Curriculum Selection - Verify your program details

If you selected the correct term, your official academic record will display.+ This contains your name, Villanova ID number, program of study and your major(s) and minor(s) or concentrations.

  • It is important that you check this information carefully. If a program of study, degree, major or minor is incorrect, your graduation checkout will be affected. If you want to add or change a major or minor, you must contact your college.

  • If you have more than one active program displayed (e.g., multiple degrees or a degree and certificate, etc.) you will need to complete a form for each separately. 

  • If the information presented is correct, click in the circle next to the verified program and then click continue. 


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    Note: Only your program title (Degree or Certificate) will display on your diploma.  Majors, minor, and concentration will be displayed on your final transcript.   While program titles may be abbrievated on this form, they will NOT be abbreviated on your diploma.

There are a number of reasons why you are unable to complete a prospective graduate form: 
1) There is a HOLD on your account, preventing graduation.  Please contact the Bursar’s office to determine the cause of the Hold. 
2) You have already submitted the prospective graduate form. 
To view previously submitted prospective graduate forms, go to myNOVA, search for graduation and click on the View Prospective Graduate Form task item. 
3) You are an Undergraduate student with less than 84 earned credit hours on your transcript. 
If you are planning to graduate within the current academic year and you have less than 84 earned credit hours, please contact your advisement or dean’s office to ensure all transfer and study abroad credits have been recorded before applying to graduate. 
4) You are a Graduate Arts & Science student completing a thesis and/or you have less than 21 credit hours on your transcript. 
Please email for the appropriate steps to complete an alternate form. 
5)   You are a Graduate Engineering student completing a thesis and/or you have less than 21 earned credit hours on your transcript.  
Please email for the appropriate steps to complete an alternate form. 
6) If you do not meet the above criteria and you are unable complete the form, please contact

4.  Graduation Date - Identify your Anticipated Date of Graduation
  • Identify your official date of graduation from the available drop down. There are 3 official dates each year: September 1, December 31, and May 31.  

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  • If you complete your degree requirements during the summer semester and have been given permission to “walk” in May’s commencement ceremony, please select September as your Graduation Date.

  • If your anticipated graduation date does not appear, you might have missed the application deadline or are too early to complete your application.

  • If you are asked about graduation ceremony attendance, please indicate whether you will attend the graduation ceremony. 

  • Doctor of Nursing Practice ceremony takes place in December, all other ceremonies take place in May.

  • Select Continue

5. Select a Name for your Diploma

  • You will be asked to verify the name that will appear on your diploma. The current name displayed above the selection drop-down represents your legal/birth name in the system. This is how your name will appear on your diploma by default. You may select “Current Name” or “Preferred Name” or “NEW” from the dropdown menu. 
  • Once the correct name has been provided, select “Continue.

  • The menu itself will still show your current name (your legal/birth name). However, when you select “Continue” you will see the diploma name you selected from the drop-down display on the next page. If you select “Current Name” it will display on the next page. If you select “Preferred Name” then the Preferred name will display on the next page.

  • If you have a middle initial in your display name and would prefer that your full middle name is displayed, select “NEW” from the dropdown. You will then be taken to the Diploma Name change section for editing your middle name. You can also change your first name or supply a suffix by selecting “NEW” from the drop down.

  • If you have accents in your name, refer to keyboard shortcuts for the instructions to enter these symbols in the text boxes.

  • If you wish to have your last name changed on your diploma, please send an email to along with supporting documentation. Villanova requires that legal last name appear on the diploma. 

  • Note, updating your diploma name does NOT update any of your official names in the system. Please follow the process outlined in the Updating Personal Information page

6. Indicate the Mailing Address to receive your Diploma.
  • Your diploma will be mailed to the address you provide now.
    Choose a saved address by selecting one from the “One of Your Addresses” drop-down or select “New” in the drop-down to enter a different address.
  • If you have selected “New” so that you can provide an address that is not listed, you will be taken to the “Diploma New Mailing Address” section to enter a new address.
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  • Do NOT select a Villanova campus address, as your diploma address.

  • Providing a Diploma address DOES NOT update your permanent address on file. This will only be used for mailing your diploma. Please consider that your diploma is mailed 4-6 weeks after your degree is awarded and the window for address changes will close one week before the graduation date. To supply a new diploma address after the application closing date, please send an email to

7.  Graduation Application Summary page
  • Your Graduation Application Summary provides the information you will be submitting as your graduation application.
    Please review this information carefully, then select Submit Request.



8.  Acknowledgement Page

  • The page that appears after you submit your application contains your ID and number of forms submitted. This signifies that your prospective graduate form has been successfully submitted. This does not guarantee graduation. Your college will confirm completion of all degree requirements and release of your diploma.

  • Please review the official Commencement Website for additional details as the event approaches.

  • Contact your academic advisor about completing requirements in reference to your academic plan of study.

  • Graduate Business students: please complete the Graduate Business Supplemental Form.

  • View your current prospective graduate form(s) submitted
    Go to myNOVA Search for Graduation
    From the results, click on View Diploma Information

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Remember: Program Titles (degree/certificate) will appear on your diploma. Majors, Minors and Concentration will appear on your final transcript along with your program title. 

To make changes after submitting your application, send an email to no later than one week prior to your date of graduation.