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Nova Schedule Builder Documentation

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Nova Schedule Builder


Nova Schedule Builder is a tool that helps you plan your semester by selecting your desired courses, displaying your scheduling options and customizing your schedule. The ‘Generated Results’ will provide you with conflict free schedule options.

Nova Schedule Builder does not take the place of conferring with your advisor and using the Master Schedule of Classes to confirm that you are meeting the requirements you need for graduation and understanding any restrictions or important information associated with any section.


Nova Schedule Builder does not register you for courses.


Who Can Use Nova Schedule Builder?

All active undergraduate students can use the Schedule Builder for their undergraduate courses. Advisors who have the advisor permission in Banner are also able to advise students using Nova Schedule Builder.


Where can I find Nova Schedule Builder?


In the myNova search type Nova Schedule Builder.




Steps to Create Your Possible Schedules


1.   Log into myNova. On the student tab choose ‘Nova Schedule Builder’ in the ‘My Schedule and Registration’ channel.


2.   Select the term for registration.


3.   Select the campus.


4.   Search for a course by entering any of the following:  course number, course subject, words in the course title, instructor, CRN or attribute. A popup will appear allowing you to choose the course you would like. Use the ‘Show More’ feature to see availability, description, prerequisites, co-requisites, and restrictions.


Helpful Features (optional)


You can click and drag on the schedule form to block out times that you cannot attend classes.


You can select Sort Preference which gives you options such as Morning Classes, Mid-day Classes and Evening Classes.


You can select to see Full classes or only classes with seats available.


5.   To review your schedule options, click on the arrows under Generated Results. If there is a particular section you are interested in, you can pin it by clicking on it so that it will always be returned in your results.


6.   If you are creating your optimal schedule, but it is not your time to register, you can save schedules by clicking "Add to Favorites" within the Results panel. These will appear in the




Favorites panel and can be loaded to the Results panel at a later time. It is highly recommended that you name each favorite to identify its contents.

To load previously saved schedules, expand the Favorites panel, select the schedule, and click Load. You can also delete an unneeded schedule.



Registering for the Courses you have chosen


1.   When it is time for your registration appointment, you have checked that you have no holds on your account, and you know your registration PIN, you can begin the registration process.


2.   Login to myNova. On the student tab under My Schedule and Registration click on Login to Register.  Select the term, enter your PIN and enter the CRNs from your favorite schedule.


3.   You must click SUBMIT CHANGES on the Add or Drop Classes page.


4.   Be sure and review your final schedule for accuracy.


Does Nova Schedule Builder identify students’ program requirements?


No. Only advisors can confirm requirements for the University’s programs.


Is Nova Schedule Builder Mobile Friendly?


Yes, the Nova Schedule Builder does function on mobile devices. Please use this web address to link to the Nova Schedule Builder.




Advisor Information

Advisors who have the advisor permission in Banner are also able to advise students using Nova Schedule Builder. Once they have logged into VSB, from the hamburger menu on the top right there is an "Advise a Student..." option like this:





Once it is clicked on, enter the Banner ID of the student to advise and click "Start Advising".


From there, the advisor will see the student's schedule and can view, create or modify the student's Favorites. For example, if the advisor creates a favorite for the student, the student will be able to log in later and see these favorite(s) if the advisor uses the “Create a Share Link” function to share the schedule with his/her advisee. When advising is complete, advisors can use the same menu and click "Stop Advising". Students can also use the “Create a Share Link” function to share their favorite schedule with their advisor.








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