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Degree Works

Degree Works is Villanova’s new online degree auditing tool for undergraduate students. It is an easy-to-use and comprehensive graduation prep tool that helps students, and their advisors, track academic progress towards completion of their degree.

Using Degree Works, students can view their degree requirements for their major and minors, all in one location. Degree Works provides students with an academic roadmap that lays out their required courses, tracks credits earned and updates their cumulative GPA status each semester.

Please note, Degree Works is not a replacement for academic advising. Students are still required to attend one-on-one advising sessions with their advisors before course registration. Also, the audit produced by Degree Works is not an academic transcript or an official notification of enrollment verification or degree completion.  Degree Works is replacing CAPP, the degree audit system previously used by advisors.

If you encounter any issues accessing Degree Works, please email the Office of the Registrar.

For other questions related to the degree audit, students should contact their advisor.

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Degree Works is an online degree auditing tool that allows students and their advisors to track progress toward an undergraduate degree. Degree Works provides students with more transparency, helping students play a lead role in mapping out their degree plan and future semesters at Villanova.

Exciting features of Degree Works include:

* Access to the Course Schedule with real-time refreshes to course availability during registration

* Infographics with credits earned and credits remaining

* A "What If" feature that shows how completed coursework could translate to a new or additional major or minor

* The ability to easily run degree audits on a laptop or mobile device to plan future coursework and more

A Degree Works audit reviews past, current and registered coursework that provides information on completed and outstanding requirements for a degree or certificate. It also shows previous degrees or certificates earned.

Disclaimer: Degree Works is a degree auditing tool to help track academic progress but should not be used as a replacement for academic advising. The audit produced by Degree Works is not an academic transcript and not an official notification of enrollment verification or degree completion. Please speak with your advisor regarding official degree progress.

All current undergraduate students who began fall 2019 or later, and their advisors. Undergraduate students who enrolled before fall 2019 will continue to use CAPP. Degree Works will be expanding to graduate student programs within the next two years. 

Go to MyNova. Search for Degree Works and login with your Villanova username and password. Complete two-factor authentication using Duo. Advisors can also log in to Degree Works from Advise.

As often as you’d like! But, some of the most important times to use Degree Works are:

* Before you register for each upcoming semester. Use Degree Works to view your remaining requirements and which courses will fulfill those outstanding areas.

* While you meet with your advisor. You and your advisor will use Degree Works to assess your progress toward your degree.

* After you register. Log into Degree Works to ensure that your courses are being applied to your requirements as planned.

* After you complete a course. Degree Works will display grades and your overall GPA. You should also ensure that completed courses fulfill requirements.

Yes. Click the “Save as PDF” button near the top of the audit and then select print.  

Yes. Degree Works can only be accessed through a secure login in MyNova. Only students and their advisors will have access to their individual Degree Works account. 

No. Degree Works is an auditing tool that tracks progress towards graduation and an outline of outstanding requirements still needed to complete your program of study.

Click the Process button to pull in the latest information from Banner and to update the worksheet. Information in DegreeWorks refreshes nightly between 1:00 am and 2:00 am. If a student’s record is updated during the day (e.g., during the registration period), a new audit may need to be processed manually for the changes to appear in DegreeWorks.

If you have not officially declared a minor or concentration, they will not appear on your degree audit. You should contact your academic advisor for information on how to declare a minor or concentration. If you have officially declared your minor or concentration and they are still not appearing, contact the Office of the Registrar.

You should meet with your academic advisor to clarify the error and review your program requirements and completed coursework listed on your degree audit. 

No. Registration will continue to be accessed through your MyNova account during scheduled registration dates.