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Diploma Replacement


The diploma name must match the legal first and last name on file with the University. Legal name is required for Apostille and many accrediting agencies require the use of the legal name. Middle names are not controlled; students have an option to add, remove, abbreviate, expand as necessary. All name accentuations, when requested by a student, will be reflected on the diploma.

To change a legal first and/or last name on the diploma, you must first change your name with Villanova University which can be done by submitting a Name/ID Change with supporting legal documentation:

• Driver’s license
• Marriage certificate
• Passport
• Divorce decree
• Other official government document

Once your student record has been updated, you will be able to request a diploma with your new name. Please note that by submitting the Name/ID Change form, it does not guarantee that your name will be updated on the diploma. Please email to confirm diploma name.


Villanova University will reissue diplomas for alumni who have lost or damaged a diploma, or those who have legally changed their names. Replacement diplomas follow the current diploma format. They are printed with the original graduation date and the name of the student at the time of graduation, but with signatures of current University Officials. All replacement diplomas will have a Replacement notation at the bottom.


Villanova University will provide duplicate printed copies of diplomas with a new name. The name on the replacement diploma must match the legal name in our system (please see Diploma Name information above). To receive a diploma with a new name, the alumnus must send back their original diploma and complete the Diploma Replacement Process listed below.


Diplomas damaged in shipment and original diplomas mailed by the Office of the University Registrar but not received by the student will be replaced free of charge, providing that the Office of the University Registrar is notified within one year of the degree conferral date. Damaged diplomas must be returned to the Office of the University Registrar before a new diploma is shipped.
Please note that you cannot receive a replacement diploma if you have an outstanding balance due to the University.


1. Submit a notarized letter including the following information:
• Name (first, middle, last as they appeared in the Commencement Book)
• New legal name for Replacement Diploma (if applicable)
• Student ID or Social Security Number
• Graduation date
• Degree
• Honors received (if applicable)
• Current name
• Current address
• Daytime phone number
• Email Address
• Your signature*
• Reason for need of a replacement
*All requests must have a notarized signature and therefore must be submitted in writing.
If your original diploma has been damaged, or you are requesting a replacement due to a name change, your original diploma must be returned to the Office of the University Registrar so that it can be destroyed when the new diploma is issued.

2. Include a $50.00 check payable to Villanova University

3. Mail your completed form to the following address:
Office of the Registrar
Villanova University
800 Lancaster Avenue
Villanova, PA 19085

Note for Degree Verification
Enrollment/degree verification is provided using your full legal name.

** Updated March 2021