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Some countries require certified documents (i.e. transcripts or diplomas) produced by the Office of the Registrar to include the Secretary of the Commonwealth's Apostille or Certification. Notarization of the document is required before the Apostille or Certification by the Commonwealth will be completed. The Office of the Registrar can assist in this process, but it is the responsibility of the student to ascertain the specific requirements for their purposes and communicate them to our office.


When the Registrar receives the request

The Registrar’s Office will add a verification notation, an original signature and the embossed Seal of the University to the certified documents and have them notarized. We will then forward the documents to the Department of State Office in Harrisburg, PA. This office will affix their certifications and return the completed documents to the student.  




There is a $2.00/document charge for the Notary.

The Department of State issues a $15.00/document fee for their certification.

There are fees associated with official transcripts and duplicate diplomas.

The student is responsible for all shipping costs.


To make a request

Please contact the Registrar's Office to receive instructions on completing an official request.