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Exam Schedules

Exam Schedule Conflicts

There are two conflict situations. Two or more exams at the same time is considered a conflict. Three or more exams on the same day is also considered a conflict. In order to resolve a conflict in your final exam schedule you should contact one of your professors to arrange for a make-up exam at a different time.

University policy states that group departmental exams take precedence over any other exam and should be taken at their regular times. Also, major or required courses should take precedence over electives. In addition, a regular course should take precedence over a repeat or make-up course.

Should you and your professors be unable to come to agreement, your Dean will determine which final exam should be moved.  For more information please refer to the Provost's information on Final Examinations and Final Week of Classes.


IMPORTANT:   If your class time is outside of the normal class meeting times (that is, the meeting days and start time do not exactly match the charts), please call the Registrar's Office to determine the time of your final exam. 

*Unavoidable changes are possible.  Please check your schedule periodically.*

Final exams for the Spring 2024 term end at 5:00 pm on Friday, May 10, 2024.  Please make travel plans accordingly.