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Student Hardship Fund

Villanova University's Student Hardship Fund provides emergency support to students (a) experiencing unexpected financial distress and (b) have exhausted all other available resources. The fund comprises institutional funds and generous donations from various members of the Villanova community.

The Student Hardship Fund aims to cover costs, including:

    • Food
    • Housing
    • Course materials
    • Technology
    • Those impacted by natural disasters
    • Other personal or family emergencies

In the spirit of serving as many of Villanova University's students with the greatest need, awards are generally capped at $200 to $500 per student. Students may request and receive higher amounts based on Villanova’s discretion. All awards depend upon the availability of funds.

Those in need of an emergency grant should contact their office of enrollment for further information:

Full-Time undergraduate students enrolled in the standard day program, experiencing a change in financial circumstances and seeking aid re-evaluation must submit a completed Request for Revision Form to the Office of Financial Assistance.