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Meet Our Staff

Service Name Email Link Telephone
Banner Student Data Request 610-519-6128
Classroom Reservations 
Commencement Program 610-519-4037
Degrees and Transcript Notations 610-519-4037
Degree Verifications 610-519-4045
Diplomas 610-519-4037
Drop/Add 610-519-4030
Enrollment Verifications 610-519-4030
Enrollment Statistics 610-519-4032
Final Examinations
Freshman Scheduling 610-519-4038
Grades / Grade Changes 610-519-4032
Master Schedule

Privacy-Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) 610-519-4044
Records Management 610-519-4044
Registrar's Calendar 610-519-4035
Registrar's Web Site 610-519-6128
Registration and Enrollment 610-519-4032
Student Retention Data 610-519-7305
National Student Clearinghouse 610-519-6128
Online Programs 610-519-4042
Special Programs 610-519-4042
Summer Study Abroad 610-519-4042
Veteran & Military Certification 610-519-4034
Withdrawing Students 610-519-7305

How Can We Assist?

Catherine Connor, Vice Dean of Enrollment Management
Brian Galloway, Assistant Dean, Enrollment Management
Pamela Braxton, Registrar

Mike Brown, Director, Office of Veterans & Military Service Members
Christina Murray,
Director of Technology for Student Success

Carolyn Bruce, Senior Associate Registrar
Mary Wolfe,
Senior Associate Registrar

Melissa Gerding, Director of Technology and Business Analysis
Susan Morgan, Director of Technology for Student Systems
Lauren Mooney, Assoc Director of Technology, Enrollment Mgmt

Maryana Strosin, Senior Asst. Registrar

Patricia Capkin, Assistant Registrar
Mapule Greene-Ntloedibe, Assistant Registrar
M. Todd Robinson,
Assistant Registrar
Erin Spina, Assistant Registrar
Debra Villano, Assistant Registrar

Amy Rockwell, Veteran & Military Enrollment Services Administrator

Susan Schollenberger, Transcript & Records Coordinator
Linda MacCain, Senior Administrative Assistant
Shaheen Khan, Student Data Specialist