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Grade Center

What Is it?

The Grade Center is a dynamic and interactive tool resembling a spreadsheet. Faculty may utilize it to record data, calculate grades, monitor student progress and create printable reports for courses and students. From a single course, all or part the Grade Center can be downloaded as a spreadsheet and then be used to enter or edit grades offline.

Why Faculty Use the Grade Center?

Through the Grade Center, faculty can provide and manage students' grades for a variety of assessments, including assignments, tests, discussion board posts, journals, blogs, and wikis. Columns are automatically created when these types of a gradable assessment items require a student submission. Faculty can also manually create columns for any activities that do not require a submission through Blackboard, such as special projects, participation, or attendance.

How do I utilize the Grade Center?

There are three type of views listed below that faculty can use in accessing the Grade Center from the Control Panel. Click on one of the links below to see “how-to” quicklets for features each view provides.
1. Needs Grading – link that lists all individual assignments and test attempts ready for grading or review.
2. Full Grade Center-- link is the default view and displays all columns and rows the Grade Center
3. Smart Views - Use Smart Views for quick access to all Tests or Assignment type columns and/or create your own customized Smart View

Blackboard Tutorials:

About the Grade Center 
Setting Up the Grade Center 
Customizing the Grade Center (video)
Creating and Managing Grade Center Columns
Entering Grades 
Viewing Grade Details 
Overriding Grades
Working With the Grade History
Calculating and Exempting Grades
Viewing Grade Center Statistics
Uploading or Downloading Grade Center for Working Offline 
Download and Upload Grades from the Grade Center (video)
Using Smart Views in the Grade Center
Working With Grade Center Reports
Sharing and Reusing Grade Center Data
Curving Grades




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