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Academic advisors work collaboratively with support offices across campus to foster student success; advisors refer students to these resources when appropriate to help with challenges they may be facing or questions they may have as they move through their 4 years at VSB.

Academic Related Resources

When students are having serious problems in a class, contacting the professor should be the first step.  Students are encouraged to talk with the professor whenever questions arise regarding class content, grades, classroom policy, and attendance. 

Talley Athletic Center, Offices 161-164 | 610-519-7719 |

The Academic Support Center provides academic support to Villanova Athletes.  Services include a mentoring program, tutoring and supplemental academic advising.

St. Augustine Center, Room 107 | 610 519-3900 |

The Office of Undergraduate Students (OUS) provides academic advising support for students considering CLAS majors, minors or transferring.  

Falvey Library | 610-519-8744

The Falvey Library Business Research Librarians are available to guide VSB students to the best company databases, industry reports, country profiles, market research reports, data sources – and more.  Be sure to check out this valuable resource.

Garey Hall, Top Floor | 610-519-6412 |

The Office of Education Abroad offers information and assistance in planning and completing overseas academic summer, semester, or year programs and exchanges in Europe, Asia, Latin America, Africa and the Middle East. 

All students are encouraged to explore opportunities abroad.  

Learning Commons in Falvey, Room 212 | 610-519-5176 |

Learning Support Services (LSS) provides learning and study skills resources for all students who wish to enhance their academic experience in preparing to meet their educational goals.  These services include study skill workshops, study groups and homework help sessions for selected courses, academic coaching, and study skills consultation. 

Additionally, LSS, in conjunction with faculty, provides reasonable academic accommodations for students with disabilities.  Students with learning disabilities, other neurologically based disorders, and those disabled by chronic illnesses requesting assistance with academic concerns and/or accommodations should contact the office.  Students with concerns about specific learning difficulties and strategies are welcome.  This is a free service.


Learning Commons in Falvey, Room 204 | 610-519-6572 |

Tutors are available for first and second year math courses.  The center also has a computer lab with most of the math software currently in use for all math courses at Villanova.  Tutorial software and videos are also available.  The center is open 5 days per week with specific hours for tutors posted on their website.  This is a free service.

Falvey Hall, Room 214 C | 610-519-5862|

From writing to public speaking to subject-based content tutoring, come explore the options and bring your academic achievements to the next level.

Clay Center at VSB, Bartley 1054 | 610-519-5532 | 

VSB Peer Tutors support the academic success of their undergraduate classmates by providing drop-in office hours and the option to schedule individual tutoring appointments throughout the semester.

Clay Center at VSB, Bartley 1054 | 610-519-5532 | 

VSB Peer Tutors support the academic success of their undergraduate classmates by providing drop-in office hours and the option to schedule individual tutoring appointments throughout the semester.

Additional Resources & Support Services

St. Rita’s Hall | 610-519-4080 |

The Villanova Campus Ministry engages every aspect of University life through prayer, liturgy, community service, leadership development, and pastoral care.  Programs center on Christian living, social justice, liturgy, and preparation for sacraments.

Garey Hall, Room 117 | 610-519-7191| 

The Career Services Office assists individuals with assessing career interests, planning careers, and developing the skills to successfully pursue career plans.  Workshops and career programs supplement individual counseling.  Interest tests can be administered and interpreted.  

Falvey Hall, Room 211 | 610-519-4075 | 

The Center for Access, Success and Achievement (CASA) assists the University in providing all students an inclusive educational experience founded on Augustinian principles. CASA supports the University’s mission of respecting individual differences and adhering to the principle that mutual love and respect should animate every aspect of University life.

Through its multi-faceted programs, CASA undertakes the challenge of creating at Villanova University an academically distinctive, culturally diverse learning community where all members live empathically and lead effectively.

Health Services Building, Room 206 | 610-519-4050 |

The University Counseling Center provides services designed to enhance students’ ability to function optimally, so that they can benefit from their college years.  The Center offers confidential individual counseling, groups, educational programs, and study skills counseling.  All contacts are free and confidential.  Visit their webpage for additional information and virtual brochures on various topics.

Dougherty Hall, Room 213 | 610-519-4200 | 

The Dean of Students provides broad supervision for a variety of student services and programs.  These services include:  the new student orientation program, the Villanova Experience Program; assistance for off-campus residents with landlord-tenant, zoning and other legal issues; assistance and advocacy for students affected by an unplanned pregnancy; and the development of the Senior Year Experience Program.  The office is a resource for all personal and academic student concerns.  

Health Services Building, 3rd Floor | 610-519-4070 | 

The University Health Center is open 24 hours a day and offers physician, nursing and ancillary services to all students.  Registered nurses are on duty around the clock, seven days a week, except during undergraduate vacation periods.

Connelly Center, 2nd Fl. | 610-519-4095 | 

This office assists the international student with a myriad of transitional issues upon arrival at Villanova University; supplements the classroom experience with a variety of programs designed to enhance the overall educational experience of studying in a foreign country.  Assistance is provided with immigration regulations; educational, social and personal counseling; and cultural and social activities.  All international students must register with this office as soon as they begin their studies at Villanova.  

Health Services Building, 1st Floor | 610-519-7407 | 

The Office of Health Promotion provides education, programming, resources, and peer education. With a focus on enhancing students' overall health, the Office bases its education on the six dimensions of health:  relationships, healthy body, self care, substance safety, and sexual health. 

On-call number (24/7, 365): 484-343-6028 | 

The Sexual Assault Resource Coordinator (SARC) team is a group of Villanova staff and faculty members, who care deeply about the issue of sexual violence and who have completed extensive training on how to support survivors of sexual violence at Villanova. A member of the SARC team is on call 24/7, 365 days a year for a Villanova student who needs support following an incident of sexual violence. Whether the incident occurred recently or days, weeks, months, even years ago, a Villanova student can always seek the support of a SARC.

Office of Disability Services

Connolly Center, 2nd floor | 610-519-6524 | 

The mission of the Office of Disability Services (ODS) is to ensure that qualified students with disabilities will have equal access to the educational opportunities at Villanova University by eliminating physical and educational barriers.  The ODS is the primary office at Villanova with specialized knowledge and experience in physical disability issues. Note: Learning Support Services (LSS), listed under Academic Resources, also assists students with disabilities.   

The Clay Center at VSB/ O’Donnell Center for Professional Development
Bartley 1054
The Clay Center Team/O’Donnell Center Team

Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.