Experiential education is an integral part of the VSB curriculum. Every undergraduate student is encouraged to participate in externship/leadership programs and complete at least one business internship CoOp experience as a means of gaining real-world experience and applying knowledge gained in the classroom. Participation in externship/leadership programs, part-time or full-time internships, and CoOp experiences provides students with valuable opportunities to:

  • Make the connection between business theory and practice
  • Gain insights into career interests and “test the waters” before committing to a specific career path or profession
  • Explore what it is like to work in a particular industry or organization on a daily basis
  • Develop a competitive edge by having proven business experience to offer future employers
  • Earn a full-time job offer with an internship employer, as many organizations utilize their internship programs as a pipeline for entry-level hires


Externship/Leadership programs are typically one to several days in length and are hosted on-site by a company. The experiences often include an introduction to the organization and overview of available career paths, professional skill-building opportunities, and networking with professionals from the host organization. Some employers use their programs to identify students to whom they wish to extend internship offers for the following summer. All externship/leadership programs are non-credit bearing.



VSB students are encouraged to participate in at least one internship during their college career, regardless of whether or not they receive academic credit. Internships are offered during the fall and spring semesters, as well as over the summer.



VSB’s CoOp program provides students with the opportunity to experience complete immersion in a professional work environment, during the spring of their sophomore year or during their junior year. A CoOp experience is six months in length (fall: July-December; spring: January-June), during which time the student works at the sponsoring organization on a full-time basis. Work content mirrors that of an entry-level professional. ;



Our team provides assistance to students around a variety of experiential education opportunities. Please reach out to us to book an appointment with a member of our team.



The O’Donnell Center for Professional Development provides assistance to students around a variety of experiential education opportunities. The O'Donnell Center Workshop Series informs students of available opportunities, prepares them to actively participate in the internship search, and provides appropriate support along the way.

Basics Session:

Offered multiple times throughout the fall and spring semesters, this session is suggested for first-year and new students as an introduction to the various experiential education opportunities that are available through VSB and the University. First-year/sophomore-level leadership and externship programs, internships, CoOps, and opportunities for earning academic credit for participation in internships/CoOps are discussed. Pre-registration is not required. Find upcoming sessions through Handshake see ‘Events’.

Handshake Workshop:

This workshop is designed to provide students with an understanding of Handshake (VU’s Career Management Platform) and the resources available within it. Students will learn how to create a profile that reflects their personal brand, register for career programs and events, and maximize their externship/internship search. Find and RSVP for upcoming sessions through Handshake (see ‘Event’) OR contact the Clay Center/O’Donnell Center (Bartley 1054). Each student is required to bring a laptop.

Individual Appointment/Drop-ins:

Meet with an Experiential Education staff member for additional support around professional development. Topics may include: externships/leadership programs, completing an internship for academic credit, participating in one of VSB’s CoOp programs, the overall internship/job search process, job offers, etc.

  • Individual Appointments:
    To schedule an appointment with a member of the Experiential Education staff, visit bit.ly/vsbodonnellcenter

Internship/CoOp Launch Session:

Students who are completing an internship or CoOp for academic credit must attend this mandatory workshop prior to and in preparation for their upcoming work experience. Topics covered will include requirements and guidelines for receiving academic credit, preparing for professional challenges to be faced on the job, professional communication, networking, and appropriate use of downtime.

The Clay Center at VSB/ O’Donnell Center for Professional Development
Bartley 1054
The Clay Center Team/O’Donnell Center Team

Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

VSB Deloitte Student Group Fund

The VSB Deloitte Student Group Fund is available for all VSB Business Societies and is to be used for Professional Development experiences!

Villanova Career Center

The O'Donnell Center partners with the Villanova Career Center, which offers comprehensive career development and job search resources to students and alumni of the university.


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Handshake is Villanova’s go-to resource for jobs, internships, events and more! 

Through Handshake, you can apply for positions, explore companies and connections, and sign up for career fairs and workshops all in one place. Find out the full details on Handshake for employers and students