Exterior of Dougherty Hall on Villanova's campus.

Welcome to the Dean of Students Office

We're committed to supporting students in all aspects of their lives, serving as a resource for student concerns and assisting students in their development as successful individuals and contributing members of the community. We also oversee the administration of the University's Code of Student Conduct and serve as a liaison with various on and off-campus constituents.



Student Life Mission

The Division of Student Life strives to foster a diverse, inclusive, and just environment where each student explores meaning and purpose, experiences belonging and support, and embraces personal responsibility. We value each person and insist on providing a holistic experience where students can thrive and community can flourish in the spirit of St. Augustine and our Catholic heritage.

Dean of Students Office Mission

The Office of the Dean of Students provides support and care to students as they navigate personal and educational challenges and promotes a respectful, welcoming, inclusive and safe community for students through just and equitable policies and processes.

In support of these Missions, we affirm and foster:

  • A welcoming community, wherein the spirit of Augustine, mutual love, and respect for all is powerfully affirmed.
  • A just community, a place where the sacredness of each person is honored, where bigotry, racism, and discrimination are categorically rejected.
  • A caring community, a place where the well-being of each member is sensitively supported, where service to others is strongly encouraged.
  • A responsible community, where students demonstrate a commitment to safe and healthy living and to ethical leadership and responsibility.