At the Villanova School of Business (VSB), our world-class faculty create and share knowledge with deep passion and enthusiasm.

As experts in their fields, they produce scholarship that’s not only widely published but highly regarded among industry leaders and policymakers.

What’s more, these scholar-teachers impart knowledge through hands-on learning to prepare students to become leaders who drive positive change in business and elsewhere.



Our faculty engages in research that advances theoretical concepts that also offer real-world application to corporations, financial institutions, nonprofits and the media alike. It’s no wonder why we think of them as Inspiring Minds.


We encourage faculty to engage students in their research as a way to integrate theory with practice. This collaboration, along with our multi-disciplinary approach and liberal arts tradition, ensures that VSB students think holistically and solve problems creatively.



Villanova School of Business Professor Jonathan Doh Elected as a Fellow of the Academy of Management

Villanova, Pa., May 7, 2021.—Villanova School of Business (VSB) professor Jonathan Doh, PhD, has been elected as a Fellow of the Academy of Management (AOM)—the largest and most prestigious professional organization of management scholars globally. Election as an AOM Fellow is a permanent designation and honors a select group of scholars who have made significant contributions to the science and practice of management and distinguished themselves at the top of their fields. 

Jonathan Doh, PhD

Villanova School of Business Associate Professor Lucy Chen, PhD on the Beauty of Accounting

Humans of VSB, Lucy Chen

Associate Professor Lucy Chen, PhD points to the global network that VSB is a part of, having run into a fellow Villanovan across the globe in China. In her own field of accounting, Professor Chen believes that the beauty of accounting lies in being able to communicate ideas in a quantitative way, and thereby has the ability to understand business in a number-oriented way. Watch to learn more about Professor Chen, the freshmen match-program and her experience working with students on research projects at VSB.


Front cover of 2021 Inspiring Minds - 2021: The Power of Faculty-Student Collaboration for Research with Impact

Get to Know VSB's Research Faculty

In this edition of Inspiring Minds, we profile VSB faculty who are doing top-tier research that speaks to real-world problems.



Front cover of the Villanova School of Business Faculty Expertise Guide

Our renowned faculty are media savvy professionals and can provide insightful commentary on a multitude of business-related topics both nationally and locally in Philadelphia.

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