At the Villanova School of Business (VSB), our world-class faculty create and share knowledge with deep passion and enthusiasm.

As experts in their fields, they produce scholarship that’s not only widely published but highly regarded among industry leaders and policymakers.

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Our faculty engages in research that advances theoretical concepts that also offer real-world application to corporations, financial institutions, nonprofits and the media alike. It’s no wonder why we think of them as Inspiring Minds.


We encourage faculty to engage students in their research as a way to integrate theory with practice. This collaboration, along with our multi-disciplinary approach and liberal arts tradition, ensures that VSB students think holistically and solve problems creatively.



2021 VSB Research Insights Symposium

Tuesday, May 4, 2021
1 - 4:30 p.m.
Virtual Event

Health care is a critical social, economic and managerial concern for government, business, nonprofits and individuals. Health care expenditures constitute nearly 20% of U.S. GDP and as such, health care is the largest economic sector and touches on nearly every other. Health care management involves ensuring the highest quality outcomes while also providing broad-based access and doing so in an efficient and cost-effective fashion. In this third annual Research Insights Symposium on The Future of Health Care Management, we will explore the range of economic, technological, medicinal, and ethical challenges in the management of health care.  


Four VSB Faculty Members Rank in Stanford University’s Database of Top Scientists in the World

VSB is pleased to announce that four of its world-renowned faculty members have been ranked in Stanford University’s new author database. After recognizing that there was great interest in standardized citation metrics across all scientists and scientific disciplines, Stanford created an updated science-wide database of more than 159,000 top scientists in the world.

Jonathan Doh, John A. Pearce, Pankaj Patel, PhD and Charles R. (Ray) Taylor, PhD

Only those who ranked in the top 2% in their respective fields are listed; the VSB faculty include:

  • Jonathan Doh, PhD, associate dean of Research and Global Engagement; Herbert G. Rammrath Endowed Chair in International Business; Co-Faculty Director, The Elenore and Robert F. Moran Sr. Center for Global Leadership; General Editor, Journal of Management Studies, was ranked among the top 1% in Business and Management, ranking 325 out of 36,319.
  • John A. Pearce II, PhD, VSB Endowed Chair and Professor of Strategic Management & Entrepreneurship, was ranked in the top 1.4% in Business and Management, ranking 506 out of 36.319.
  • Pankaj Patel, PhD, Frank J. and Jane E. Ryan Endowed Chair, Professor, Strategy and Innovation, was ranked among the top 2% in Business and Management, ranking 705 out of 36,319.
  • Charles R. (Ray) Taylor, PhD, John A. Murphy Professor of Marketing, was ranked among the top 1.2% in Marketing, ranking 126 out of 10,464.

“All of us at VSB wish to congratulate Drs. Doh, Pearce, Patel and Taylor for ranking so highly among scientists in their respective fields of study,” said Joyce E. A. Russell, PhD, the Helen and William O’Toole Dean, Villanova School of Business. “This is a testament to their academic scholarship and how greatly it is valued across the world. They truly deserve this recognition.”



Beth Vallen, PhD Recognized for Research on Consumers and Food Waste

Beth Vallen, PhD, associate professor, Marketing & Business Law, and her co-authors received the 2020 Thomas C. Kinnear Award for an outstanding article, “The Squander Sequence: Understanding Food Waste at Each Stage of the Consumer Decision-Making Process” in the Journal of Public Policy & Marketing. Dr. Vallen and her team focused on waste that “occurs from consumer behaviors prior to purchase, at the point of purchase, and when consuming and disposing of food.” The research aims to understand the psychological background of consumer-level food waste. Dr. Vallen states that “food waste presents a complex global problem that is driven by parties and institutions across the food marketing system...Understanding why consumers waste food is a critical first step in developing solutions to mitigate waste.”

Beth Vallen, PhD



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