The English Department encourages you to complete at least one internship for credit and provides personal assistance to help you identify an internship that matches your specific interests. Majors have recently completed internships at organizations including a commercial real estate company, a multinational software firm, the office of a state representative, and Saturday Night Live. The department also has an advisor for internships, Program Coordinator Mike Malloy.

Clubs & Activities

Ellipsis Literary Magazine gives students of all majors the ability to share their voices through art and literature. With the support of the Villanova English Department, student editors spend their year accepting submissions, designing the magazine, and distributing the final publication to celebrate student artistic achievement on campus. If you are interested in being a part of the Ellipsis staff or submitting your own work to the magazine, please email for more information!  Please read the most recent issue of Ellipsis.

Villanova’s Poetry Society is a home for all poets and writers on campus! They are a safe space that allows creativity to flow, ideas to be born, and most importantly, voices to be heard. Their club gathers for meetings in which they free write, workshop, and share their work with one another. They also host an annual Poetry Slam, led by a professional poet, where all students are invited to step up to the mic and perform. Come Join This Lovely Community of Villanova Writers. Please email for more information and follow on Instagram.

Interested Villanova community members are encouraged to join the department's BIPOC writing group. Please email Professor Adrienne Perry for more information.


The English Department is happy to be able to provide competitive book scholarships and to fund both academic and professional experiences that emphasize exploration and growth. 

We are pleased to be able to offer the following scholarship possibilities to our majors: a merit scholarship for purchasing books, funding to support graduate school testing and application costs, funding to support an internship, funding to support study abroad, and funding to support an academic need or experience (such as supplies, or conference travel).

While English majors may apply for funds and scholarships more than once, preference will be given to students who have not received department funding in the past. Students may receive a maximum of $2,500 in funding over the course of their studies in the English Department.

You can find more information as well as answers to frequently asked questions in our guide for students, or you can apply using our application form.

Global Learning

You can study abroad for a summer or a semester at the National University of Ireland, Galway, or immerse yourself in Irish Theatre through Villanova's Summer Studio at Dublin's Abbey Theatre. In the “Writing Through Conflict” course, you can travel to Belfast, Ireland during spring break and participate in a creative writing conference with renowned Irish writers.

For help planning your study abroad experience, please visit our Major Advising Page (MAP) on the Office of Study Abroad website. 

Academic Advising

As an English major, you have an English faculty advisor to guide you as you map out your academic journey. You are also paired with a peer from the English Department’s Student Advisory Council (see below). The members of this group are experienced English majors who provide mentorship and perspective.

Professional Development and Career Outcomes

The skills learned in the study of English are more in demand than ever. Explore our Careers page to find out more about professional opportunities as well as the career paths of recent graduates.
In addition, English courses can put you to work on campus. In ENG 2030: Tutoring Writers, students study the theory and practice of effective one-on-one writing tutorials. Students investigate their own writing processes, take part in shadow tutoring and mock tutorials, and lead class discussion one day in the semester. Successful completion of the course allows the student to work for a competitive wage in the Villanova Writing Center.

College and University Resources

In addition to resources and opportunities through the English Department, Villanova provides support in all aspects of your collegiate experience and beyond through the centralized services of the Office for Undergraduate StudentsOffice of Education Abroad and Career Center.

Student Advisory Council

the student advisory council stands in front of the English office in Saint Augustine Center

These English majors can give you suggestions and opinions on various aspects of majoring in English and taking English courses.

You can read about this year's advisory council on our blog!

Villanova University
Department of English
St. Augustine Center
Room 402

Department Chair
Professor Heather Hicks

Cynthia Farrell

Sharon Rose-Davis

Why Villanova English?


English faculty are also closely engaged with Villanova's programs in:

Creative Writing

Writing and Rhetoric

Africana Studies

Gender and Women's Studies

Irish Studies

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