Exceptional Education Comes From Exceptional Educators

The College attracts a certain type of professor—one who loves to motivate students by using creative learning environments, often by bringing their own research into the classroom; using original teaching methods; and using collaboration in the classroom and the lab. Professors—not graduate students—teach every class, and class sizes are small, with most courses enrolling fewer than 30 students. As a result, students have more opportunities to ask questions, contribute to discussions and establish a strong rapport with their instructors.

Our faculty are recognized leaders in their disciplines, who win many prestigious grants from federal sponsors such as the National Science Foundation and NASA, and from many private foundations including the Templeton Foundation, as well as international and national awards. Yet they remain committed to sharing their work with students and carrying out the University’s commitment to pursuing knowledge and discovery in the intellectual communities that are the hallmark of a Villanova education.


Angela DiBenedetto is a professor of Biology.


“Having students in my lab is one of the reasons why I love what I do. Watching them achieve progressively higher levels of understanding involving experimentation, and synthesis and communication of scientific ideas, is amazing.”

– Angela DiBenedetto, PhD, associate professor, Biology


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