Professor Alice Dailey teaches a class.

In Gender and Women’s Studies, you’ll examine gender and sexuality as fundamental to human experience across the globe. 

Gender and Women’s Studies encourages critical analysis of gender and sexuality at local, national, and global levels—now and in the past. Our curriculum brings feminist and queer theory into conversation with fields of study across the University—from history to sociology to global finance—helping students discover new alternatives for thinking about the problems of the world and the contributions of its people. As teachers, we are profoundly influenced by feminist models of collaborative learning and shared authority. We recognize our students and their life experiences as sources of vital expertise, and we help them find a voice, a sense of community, and a purpose as agents of social change.


In Gender and Women’s Studies, you’ll study a wide range of fields from the perspectives of feminist and LGBTQIA critical analysis, in a global context and with the purpose of promoting a better world.

You’ll study how assumptions about gender and sexuality operate in society—shaping cisgender, nonbinary, transgender and queer identities—and how they influence economic, social and political structures.

You’ll acquire tools for making intersectionality central to your awareness of how identity works—learning how we can make sense of gender and sexuality only through rigorous exploration of race, ethnicity, class, ability, nationality, religion and other axes of inequality.

Travis Foster, PhD
Director of Academics

Kelly-Anne Diamond
Director of Programming

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Graduate Assistant