Students listening to a speaker in an English class.

English at Villanova offers undergraduate and graduate programs that prepare you to read deeply, think critically, write effectively and speak confidently.

In the Villanova English Department, you encounter both revered classics and celebrated recent work by writers coming from widely different experiences and points of view. In our classes, you hone your writing skills, sharpen your abilities to analyze complex texts, deepen your understanding of cultural and material history, and stimulate your imagination.

The abilities you develop prepare you for fields including consulting, journalism, marketing, law, education, banking, government, college administration, screenwriting and publishing, as well as continued studies in competitive master’s or doctorate programs.

The heart of the discipline of English is the power of the written word to tell stories, communicate ideas, broaden perspectives and bring about change.


Department Calendar

Happy 75th Anniversary to the English Major!

All About the Bagels, Tuesday, Dec. 5th, SAC 402

We will have free bagels and cream cheese in the English lounge, from about 10:00 a.m. through noon.


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Solidarity with Black Lives Matter

Members of the English faculty promote diversity, equity, and inclusion. You can find out more about our efforts here.

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