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Disposal of University Owned Computer Equipment


The removal of older computer equipment is an issue of increasing importance. There are several thousand computers, printers, and peripheral devices distributed throughout the University. As equipment ages, it will need to be physically removed from current locations and disposed of properly. This document intends to establish guidelines for the disposal and removal of University-owned computer equipment, no matter what the original funding source. 


To start the disposal process, please contact UNIT's Technology Support Services group in one the following ways:

  • Contact by email at
  • Contact the HelpDesk at 9-7777
  • Create a request at

UNIT's Technology Support Services group will schedule an appointment and assess the equipment's condition at the departmental location to determine the status and best means of disposal or redistribution. UNITs Technology Support Services group should be notified when the status of a computing asset changes so that the current status can be updated in the inventory management system.


Status of Equipment to be Removed

  • Scrap UNIT will designate equipment that is considered scrap if it does not work and is not usable. Unusable scrap equipment must be disposed of according to University and Government regulations. It may not be used for personal benefit.
  • Recycling - UNIT will designate Surplus or Scrap computer equipment to be recycled or disassembled for parts and supplies for reuse of components.

Security and Disposal

The disposal of computer and electronic storage equipment can create information security risks if not properly disposed of. These risks are related to the potential unauthorized release of sensitive or confidential information, violations of software license agreements, and unauthorized disclosure of intellectual property that might remain in hard disks and other storage media.

Computer and electronic storage equipment identified for disposal or transfer must be reviewed and cleaned by an approved data erasing process. Any licensed software and institutional data must be removed before disposal or transfer of equipment from the University.

Hazardous Materials

Most electronic equipment contains materials considered hazardous and cannot be disposed of in the general trash. Computer equipment that cannot be reused or recycled must be disposed of in compliance with University, state, and federal laws for environment responsible disposition and in accordance with college computer disposal procedures and policies. These can be found at the below Facilities Management Office, Environmental Health and Safety links below:

Universal Waste Policy

Facilities Management/Environmental Health and Safety - Waste Management

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