Wireless Policy

This policy applies to all wireless network users at Villanova University and covers all unlicensed radio frequencies on campus.

Ownership and Management of Radio Airspace

  1. Villanova University is the owner of all the unlicensed radio frequencies on campus, which includes the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz spectrum. University Information Technologies (UNIT) is responsible for managing these radio frequencies for the benefit of the University community.
  2. UNIT is solely responsible for providing wireless networking services on campus. No other department may deploy wireless routers, bridges, and/or DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) services on campus.
  3. UNIT is responsible for maintaining a secure network and will deploy adequate security procedures to support wireless networking on campus.
  4. The University will deploy a campus wireless network, based on 802.11 standards. UNIT will work with departments to accommodate special requests and events, where technically feasible. UNIT will collaborate with academic departments where devices used for specific educational or research applications may require specific solutions.
  5. All users of wireless network resources at Villanova University are subject to the applicable Network Acceptable Use Policy. [link] Users of wireless resources at Villanova agree to have read and be bound by the terms and conditions set forth in that policy.

Wireless Service Considerations

  1. Wireless networking has bandwidth limitations compared to the wired network. The wireless network should be viewed as augmenting the wired network to provide more flexible network use. Applications that require large amounts of bandwidth, or are sensitive to changes in signal quality and strength may not be appropriate for wireless access.

Standards supported

  1. IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n are supported standards.
  2. IEEE 802.1X is the authentication standard. Additional security procedures may be applied as needed.
  3. UNIT will require the use of specific hardware or software vendors (applies to the network infrastructure) that are known to function well with Villanova’s wireless network.

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