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Hardware/Software Procurement and Equipment End of Service

The procurement of hardware and software is coordinated by the office of University Information Technology (UNIT) to ensure the safety and reliability of University systems.   


To take advantage of IT tools in the most cost-effective manner possible, the University has developed a series of recommended standard hardware configurable with 

supported software that integrate easily with the University's IT infrastructure. An up-to-date list of recommended hardware can be found through the Procurement tool NovaBuy.  When considering the purchase of hardware, it is recommended that departments choose standard products from the NovaBuy punch out list and coordinate their purchase with UNIT.  


Nonstandard equipment - While the acquisition of standard products is encouraged, some departments require special equipment or software not included in the list of supported products. Departments are required to consult with UNIT to select the most appropriate equipment and work out an agreement for continued support. 


Departments that choose to buy IT resources not approved by UNIT require the approval the area Finance Director. The IT Coordinator for that area will work with UNIT to configure the device, and the IT Coordinator will work in consultation with Information Security to develop an approved security compliance plan. Efforts must be made to install University approved software images and security applications on all non-standard devices. Devices that cannot run either supported software images, firmware, or security applications must be reviewed by UNIT’s Information Security team before implementation. 


Equipment Replacement/End of Life  

Any equipment that is identified either "end of life" or no longer supported by the manufacturer is required to be replaced or updated by the area owner. Equipment includes laptops, desktops, or mobile devices, as well as any other device that is network capable. Any equipment that is not in compliance or for which a compliance plan does not exist can be removed from the network. In such cases, the device must remain off of the network until it is brought into compliance or replaced. Note that costs for the acquisition of IT resources may be borne by the purchaser in accordance with the University's funding philosophy. 


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