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Telework Guidelines

The purpose of this document is to establish guidelines for Working Remotely/Telework activity. This document supplements the current COVID-19 Temporary Telework Policy. Telework refers to an arrangement where an employee works from home or another non-University location away from the usual workplace using available technology.


Where appropriate, University employees may work from home or another remote location in accordance with performance expectations and other terms determined by their manager and department heads, and subject to approval by Human Resources per the COVID-19 Temporary Telework Policy.


Work Location

The employee should establish an appropriate and secure work environment; Teleworkers are expected to ensure that the expectations for information security are met, and that University property is secured.

  • Instructions for working remotely can be found here:


It is recommended that Employees use equipment or supplies provided by the University for business purposes only and notify their supervisor immediately of any malfunction, damage, or theft involving University property.    Employees with access to protected data as defined in the Data Classification Policy have been provided with a University asset.  Faculty and Staff must use their University asset for access to the University network when accessing protected University data.

  • Instructions for utilizing university equipment for working remotely can be found here:
  • Instructions for utilizing non-university equipment for working remotely can be found here:
  • If the employee is authorized to use their own property, the University will not be responsible for repairs, maintenance, or service costs.

Policies and Procedures

Employees must adhere to all University IT policies and procedures, including those governing information security, secure remote access, and data protection. The employee must notify their supervisor immediately of any unauthorized access or disclosure of protected University data.


Acceptable Use

Employees must adhere to all University Acceptable Use policies, including those governing Employee Acceptable Use policy, Network Security policy, and Email policy. 



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