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Waste Management

VU Recycles

There are many types of waste generated on the Villanova campus: recyclables, trash, food waste, specialty waste such as chemicals, medical/biological waste, etc.  Each waste type must be handled properly to protect the environment and comply with federal, state, and local environmental laws.

Universal Waste

Universal waste is a category of “hazardous waste” that includes widespread, commonly encountered items.    Batteries, fluorescent lamps (bulbs), fluorescent lamp ballasts, other mercury containing devices, pesticides, and thermostats are considered universal waste.    Although these items exhibit low-level hazards they must be properly managed as required by environmental regulatory agencies.

Medical Waste Disposal Services

The Environmental Health and Safety Department provides medical waste disposal services for the campus. Medical waste consists of solid waste contaminated with potentially infectious microorganisms, blood, human tissues, human cell lines, needles, animal carcasses, animal bedding, and some drugs from medical or animal research.

All Villanova employees working with Infectious materials or medical waste must have annual blood-borne pathogen training (see Bloodborne Pathogen Program). All laboratory protocols involving infectious materials or human cell lines must be submitted to the Institutional Biological Safety Committee (IBC) for review and approval prior to beginning work Please check with the IBC to see if autoclaving of your laboratory waste or lab-ware is required.

Medical Waste Disposal Services Contacts:

Building Contact Ext.
Mendel Science Center
Lindsay Bair 9-4858
Drosdick Hall (Engineering Depts.) Christopher Townend 9-4986
Driscoll Hall
Kimberly Capagalan 9-3203
Health Services Building Mary McGonigle 9-4070
Tolentine Hall (Psychology)
Michael Brown
Jake Nevin Hall (Athletics) Leonard Currier 9-5669
St. Thomas Monastery Alenka Durdevic 9-7399

Any questions on the medical waste disposal procedures at Villanova, please email    Eric Welsh in the Environmental Health and Safety Department or call 610-519-8989   

Chemical Waste Management

To Order University Hazardous Waste Labels, email John Gebhart in Graphic Services and included your choice of label.

Half Page Label - (5.5 X 8.5)

Quarter Page Size Label - (4.25 X 5.5)


Villanova Recycling

For more information on Villanova University Recycling, please refer to the Villanova University Waste & Recycling page