Student Ethical Conduct for use of IT Resources

Student Acceptable Use Policy

Villanova University reserves the right to change this policy with sufficient notice and it is the student’s responsibility to know and understand the current policy. By using the University network you agree to the following:

  1. Sharing of passwords is strictly prohibited. Each individual is responsible for his/her account(s), including the safeguarding of access to the account(s).
  2. All anti-virus and anti-malware software on your computer must be kept up to date and enabled. If your software is not up to date or disabled it may lead to an infection which may result in your network access being disabled.
  3. You are responsible for keeping your computer updated with security patches/fixes from the appropriate software update services (Windows Update on windows computers, Software Update on Apple computers). This includes updating applications, such as MS Office, Adobe, iTunes, or Firefox. If you computer is not up to date it may lead to virus infection which may result in your network access being disabled.
  4. Students are fully responsible for their computer, including it’s hardware, software, and any network traffic transmitted by it, regardless if this traffic was authorized by you or not. Please contact UNIT’s Technology Support Services group if you have any questions about whether or not certain software/hardware might conflict with this acceptable use policy.
  5. Your network access may be disabled if you:
    1. consume a disproportionate amount of bandwidth
    2. attempt denial-of-service attack(s)
    3. probe and/or exploit security holes in other systems
    4. use unauthorized IP addresses
    5. attempt "hacking" or "cracking"
    6. otherwise degrade or restrict network access for others (either on or off campus) In addition, your network access may be disabled if Villanova University receives complaints about or otherwise detects inappropriate behavior. One example is the illegal downloading of copyrighted material. You may also be subject to university disciplinary action and civil or criminal liability.
  6. The use of personal routers (wireless or wired), bridges, and/or DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) servers is prohibited.
  7. Using the university network to provide any service that is visible off campus is prohibited. This applies to services such as, but not limited to, HTTP (Web), telnet, FTP, IRC, peer-to-peer (p2p) multimedia sharing, game servers and email.
  8. Configuring your computer to provide internet or Villanova University network system access to anyone who is not a Villanova University faculty, staff member or student is prohibited.
  9. Students must immediately return their University issued laptop and preserve all data stored, transmitted, or saved upon notice.

Acceptable Use Policy Violation Penalties

  1. Penalties for Acceptable Use Policy violations
    1. 1st offense: Student will be contacted by UNIT Technical Support Services to notify the user about the violation. The user’s Internet/network access may be disabled until issue is resolved, depending on the nature of the violation.
    2. 2nd offense: The user’s Internet/network access will be disabled until issue is resolved.
    3. 3rd offense: Student’s Internet/network access will be disabled until the student has met with the Dean of Students.
    4. 4th offense: Student’s Internet/network access will be disabled until the student has met with the Judicial Affairs office for potential disciplinary action.

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