2023: Emma Heaney, PhD, "Literature Against Cisness"  

2022: Erin Murphy, PhD, "Amazons and Zombies: Margaret Cavendish’s Soldiers, Gender, and the Paradoxes of War"

2019: Uma Narayan, PhD, "Sisterhood and Doing Good"

2018: Duchess Harris, "Hidden Human Computers: The Black Women of NASA"

2017: Valerie Steele, "Chanel and Her Rivals"

2016: Lauren Berlant, “On Being in Life Without Wanting the World: Rankine, Isherwood, and Dissociative Life”

2015: Katina Sawyer, "What’s Gender Got to Do with it? The Impact of Gender on your Life at Villanova"

2014: CJ Pascoe, "Bullied: Youth Gender, and Homophobia."

2013: Stephanie McCurry, "The Tale of the Solder's Wife: War, Gender, and Emancipation"

2012: Cynthia Enloe, "The Risks of Not Learning from Iraqi Women's War Experiences"

2011: Noel Sturgeon, "Avatar and Activism: Ecological Indians, Climate Justice and Disabling Militaris."

2010: Lori Ginzberg, "A Very Radical Proposition: Elizabeth Cady Stanton and the Meanings of the vote"

2009: Linda Greenhouse, "What Judges Know (or Don't Know) About Sex Discrimination (or Anything Else)"

2008: Susan Aberth, "Frida Kahlo: Mexican Hydra"

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1997: Madelyn Gutwirth, "My Life in Women's Studies, and Why We Still Need Them"

1996: Adele Lindenmeyr, PhD, and Ryan McDonough

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1991: Farrah Griffith, "Black Feminist Contributions to Women's Studies"

Emma Heaney
Emma Heaney

Emma Heaney is a scholar of comparative literature, feminist studies, and trans studies. She is Associate Director and Clinical Assistant Professor in the XE Program in Experimental Humanities and Social Engagement at NYU. Her first book is The New Woman: Literary Modernism, Queer Theory, and the Trans Feminine Allegory (Northwestern UP 2017). Her forthcoming edited collection, Feminism Against Cisness [Duke UP 2024], gathers essays by trans studies scholars that demonstrate the potential of feminist critique freed of the ideology that assigned sex determines sexed experience. 



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