Mural painted by Alloyius Mcilwaine outside of the GIS office in Garey Hall.

The Department of Global Interdisciplinary Studies (GIS) provides students with skills, knowledge and values that foster critical thinking, problem solving and preparation for responsible global citizenship.

Our students gain an understanding of global and digital literacy, cultural diversity and intercultural competences, interdisciplinary research, and a passion for social justice, nurtured in experiential learning.

The department is comprised of three majors: GlS (with 10 specializations), Gender and Women's Studies (GWS), and Peace and Justice Studies (PJ). Students in the GIS major are required to declare a specialization in one of the following interdisciplinary area studies: Africana Studies, Arab and Islamic Studies, Asian Studies, Chinese Studies, Cultural Studies, Irish Studies, Japanese Studies, Latin American Studies or Russian Area Studies. A student may also opt for an Individually Designed Specialization after meeting the requirements. We also offer four Critical Language and Cultural Studies minors in Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and Russian and a minor in Sustainability Studies.

Chiji Akoma, PhD
Associate Professor
Chair, Department of Global Interdisciplinary Studies
(610) 519-6967

Andra Cain
Senior Administrative Assistant


Travel Assistance Fund applications due by March 15th for summer, fall, or spring study abroad funding.