Why Global Interdisciplinary Studies?

The Department for Global Interdisciplinary Studies is tasked with the primary purpose of providing students with a set of skills that will foster critical and analytical thinking and the problem-solving tools that will prepare them to assume their roles as responsible global citizens.


Professional Development

Education abroad allows students to gain critical-thinking and problem-solving skills, language acquisition, confidence and more! GIS majors are required to study abroad at least once.

Students who elect to major in this highly rigorous and relevant course of study do so under the guidance of a caring, dedicated, and nurturing faculty, highly skilled in their specific disciplines, who also collaborate with each other to help students integrate their coursework.

Many GIS students go on to earn Fulbright awards as English Teaching Assistants (ETAs) or Graduate Students. Students in our critical language programs also get the opportunity to take internationally accredited proficiency exams.

GIS is affiliated with quite a few agencies that enable eligible students to complete a fulltime internship tailored to their individual interests, take an academic course of their choice, and receive academic credit for their work. Excellent placements are available in the government, nonprofit organizations and corporations—as well as numerous international organizations.


Graduation and Graduate School

Our students often combine their passions and double major in GIS in addition to another area of study. They go on to graduate programs in public health, genetic counseling, economics, law and more.

Chiji Akoma, PhD
Associate Professor
Chair, Department of Global Interdisciplinary Studies
(610) 519-6967

Joyce Harden
Administrative Assistant