Graduate Ambassadors

A Graduate Student Ambassador (GSA) is a distinguished role that allows Villanova students the ability to interact with the Dean and staff of Graduate Studies while participating in a variety of events on and off campus. Our GSAs represent more than 20 graduate programs within Villanova's College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

Graduate Student Ambassador Zora DeSeignora

Zora DeSeignora

Hometown: Burlington, New Jersey

Fun Fact: I recently started tennis lessons this past summer and I love it!





Graduate Student Ambassador Caroline McAuliffe

Caroline McAuliffe

Hometown: Port Washington, New York

Fun Fact: I have a twin.




Graduate Student Ambassador Julia Micklo

Kristina Bondarenko 
Higher Education

Hometown: Rostov-on-Don, Russia

Fun Fact: I've lived in three countries and explored 14 others as a tourist. Additionally, my dog is quite the jet-setter, having flown 24 hours from China to the US!



Graduate Student Ambassador Pallavi Gidde

Pallavi Gidde
Human Resource Development

Fun Fact: I enjoy creating digital art and graphic designs. It's a rewarding contrast to my analytical work, allowing me to express myself visually and explore the intersection of technology and creativity.



Graduate Student Ambassador Luke Yingling

Luke Yingling
Public Administration

Hometown: Boyertown, Pennsylvania

Fun Fact: My favorite hobby is going thrift shopping, and a majority of my wardrobe is second-hand. 



Graduate Student Ambassador Therese Dombo

Therese Dombo

Hometown: Washington, D.C.

Fun Fact: I have been to 13 countries and one U.S. territory!                                                





Graduate Student Ambassador Julianna Chen

Julianna Chen 

Hometown: West Chester, Pennsylvania

Fun Fact: I love longboarding and photography!




Graduate Student Ambassador Morgan Haller

Morgan Haller

Hometown: Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania

Fun Fact:  I can quote the entire Lord of the Rings movie triology verbatim.       



Graduate Student Ambassador Julia Micklo

Julia Micklo 
Human Resource Development

Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Fun Fact: I spent the summer going to as many museums in the D.C. area as possible. 




Graduate Student Ambassador Sarah Johns

Tonmoy Chakraborty
Software Engineering

Hometown: Bensalem, Pennsylvania

Fun Fact: I play the guitar and piano.





Graduate Student Ambassador Sarah Johns

Sarah Johns

Hometown: Royersford, Pennsylvania

Fun Fact: I’m one of many people who picked up roller skating during the beginning of the pandemic. I just learned how to skate backwards after taking a very, very long time trying not to fall while doing so!


Graduate Student Ambassador Cecily Ritchie

Cecily Ritchie 

Hometown: West Norriton, Pennsylvania

Fun Fact: I like to sing, I have done so through theatre, choir and an cappella group!   



Graduate Student Ambassador Marisa D'Errico

Marisa D'Errico
Human Resource Development

Hometown: Santa Clarita, California

Fun Fact: I basically my own personal library with the amount of books I own and read.



Graduate Student Ambassador Victoria Martin

Victoria Martin

Hometown: Betonville, Arkansas

Fun Fact: I have an identical twin sister!





Graduate Student Ambassador Dane Litchfield

Dane Litchfield

Hometown: Decatur, Indiana

Fun Fact: There is a picture of me on Pope Francis' Instagram page from World Youth Day 2019 in Panama City, Panama!