Meet Graduate Student Ambassador Therese Dombo

Graduate Student Ambassador Therese Dombo

Therese Dombo





"Learning with respect for others, engaging with your peers, and striving to be the best version of yourself is what it means to me to be a graduate student at Villanova."



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Describe your interest in your academic program and what you hope to gain from it. 

My interest in clinical mental health counseling developed through my desire to help people achieve their goals! I hope that my time as a student-counselor will help me feel apart of a wider community during my time at Villanova!

What is your favorite course you’ve taken so far? If you are in your first year, what course are you most looking forward to in your program? Why?

Though I am in my first year, my favorite course so far has been Counseling Theories and Practice. It has allowed me a deeper insight on the counseling relationship among many other aspects of therapy, and I feel it will serve me well for the duration of the program!

What are a few things you would like to share with prospective students regarding the Villanova student experience?

I would like to share that while the work is harder, there is a lot more flexibility and trust between you and your professors. Unlike some undergraduate experiences, the professors at Villanova treat you as an adult with adult expectations, but they are much more approachable and understanding of individual circumstances. The professors at Villanova see you as a peer, and hope to learn from you as much as you expect to learn from them.

How do you maintain a good school/life balance?

I maintain a good school/life balance by leaving my Sundays free in order to prepare for the week, whether that be school/self-care/organization. It sets me up to have success and flexibility for the whole week!

If you’re living around Villanova, what are one to two “must do” experiences you would suggest to students new to Villanova and the surrounding area including Philadelphia?

In the city, it is an absolute must to go to dinner at El Vez! I also love spending my Saturday mornings at the farmers market in Rittenhouse Square.

Describe what it means to be a graduate student at Villanova. In other words, why Villanova?

Learning with respect for others, engaging with your, and striving to be the best version of yourself is what it means to me to be a graduate student at Villanova.

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