Villanova University recognizes the importance of regular and preventive vision. Vision benefits through Davis Vision are provided automatically with a selected medical plan. Villanova is happy to offer an expanded vision care plan for those who may elect it.


Vision Insurance


  Routine Eye Exam
Routine Eye Exam
HMO $30 $35 reimbursement $100 reimbursement
PPO Included $35 reimbursement $100 reimbursement
CDHP Included $35 reimbursement $100 reimbursement

Information on participating providers, eligibility and claim forms can be obtained by accessing the Davis Vision website. Details regarding the eyewear portion of your vision benefits can be found here.


Visionworks is a participating provider, and per the Vision benefits, the member has the following allowances and options for using an In-Network or Out-of-Network provider.

  • Choose from the Davis Collection of Frames that is available at most participating providers and frames are covered in full.
  • Choose from participating provider's own frame collection and member receives allowance of $65.
  • If the provider is Non-participating the Eyeglasses (spectacle lenses and frames) are available up to a $100 reimbursement to member.

Contact lenses (in lieu of eyeglasses) including standard, specialty and disposable lenses and evaluation and fitting are available at an in-network or out-of-network provider with $100 reimbursement to members.


The Enhanced Vision Plan is 100% voluntary, which means you pay the entire premium. The current vision program through your medical coverage will continue to be offered without changes, however the enhanced plan provides more robust benefits. You can maximize your benefits and reduce your out-of-pocket costs when you receive care from a Davis Vision network provider.