Villanova University covers all full time faculty and staff for basic life insurance. Additionally, the University offers you the option of purchasing supplemental life and dependent life insurance. 

Coverage for full time faculty/staff is effective immediately on the first day of the month following the first day of work, unless otherwise noted.


The amount of your Basic Life Insurance is the greater of $50,000 or 1x your salary up to a maximum amount of $250,000 This coverage is provided to you at no cost and paid to your designated beneficiary in the event of your death. Coverage is reduced by 50% for active faculty and staff at age 70.

If your basic life insurance amount is greater than $50,000, the IRS will assess imputed income taxes according to a sliding scale based on your age and income. You have the option to elect a flat amount of $50,000 of basic life insurance coverage if you wish to avoid the tax on imputed income.


If you decide you need more life insurance protection, you can purchase additional life insurance at group rates through payroll deduction. Supplemental life insurance can be purchased in multiples of salary up to the lesser of 7x salary or $1,250,000. For new hires, evidence of insurability (EOI) is required on any amount above the lesser of 3x salary or $250,000. If you do not purchase supplemental life insurance as a new hire, EOI will be required for any amount elected in the future. Employees previously enrolled in supplemental life may increase their coverage during the annual Open Enrollment period by one level up to the lesser of 3 x salary or $250,000 without providing EOI. Any increase in supplemental life insurance over this amount will require EOI.  Benefits are paid to your designated beneficiary (the same beneficiary as noted under your Basic Life/AD&D coverage) in the event of your death. There is no AD&D coverage for Supplemental Life. 

Please note: If you are enrolled in the Supplemental Life Insurance through MetLife, you will already have coverage for will and estate planning without enrolling separately in the Legal Plan.

Life Insurance Rates: 2022-2023


You can purchase dependent life insurance for your spouse and/or your dependent child(ren) independent of each other.

        Spousal - $25,000 OR  Spousal - $50,000
        Children - $10,000

Dependent children are covered until age 19, or age 26 if in full time student status. If you do not elect spousal life insurance as a new hire, evidence of insurability (EOI) will be required for your spouse if added at open enrollment. Benefits are paid to you should your spouse and/or child die. There is no AD&D coverage for this part of the plan. This coverage requires a monthly premium paid through payroll deductions.

NOTE: If both husband and wife are employed by the University and eligible for benefits, dependent life coverage is not available for the spouse and only one benefit amount is payable for each child.

You may designate your beneficiary for Basic, AD&D and Supplemental Life coverage by using the Employee Benefits On-Line Enrollment System.

*Please note: Dependent life benefit amount for newborn children up to the age of 6 months is $500. After 6 months, the benefit is increased to $10,000.



If you are absent from work due to injury, sickness, temporary layoff or leave of absence, your coverage will begin on the date you return to active employment.