Villanova University recognizes the importance of regular dental care. Dental coverage is offered through Delta Dental and is optional. 


Delta Dental administers Villanova's voluntary dental plan which focuses on the importance of regular and preventative dental care. The plan offers dental coverage through a network of participating dentists both locally and nationwide.

Delta Dental covers a percentage of most dental services. Preventative services are covered at 100%; other eligible dental services are paid at 80%, 60% and 50% depending on the service, after you pay a plan year deductible of $50 per person (maximum 3 per family). You may choose a Delta dentist from the Premier network or the PPO network. The maximum benefit amount per person for services other than orthodontic work is $1,500 per plan year for the Premier Plan or $1,750 per plan year for the PPO Plan. The lifetime maximum benefit paid for a child’s orthodontic care is $1,500 under both the Premier and PPO Plans.

Delta Dental payments to dentists or reimbursements to subscribers are based on the Delta Dental network allowance. If you use a dentist who is not a member of the Delta Dental network, you may be subject to a balance bill in addition to any deductible and co-payments required. When you utilize a participating dentist, your out-of-pocket costs are reduced and no claim forms are necessary.

Visit the Delta Dental website for a list of participating dentists, claim forms, tips and contact information.