Below are resources, policies and notices for current Villanova employees. You may be required to login with your Villanova credentials to access some of the information. 




New Employees

New Employees can find a variety of resources and tools for starting at Villanova.

Student Employees

The Student Guide to Employment can help you navigate your unique employment situation.

Hiring Managers

The Hiring Manager's Toolkit offers forms and trainings to help you hire and manager your team.

HOW DO I...?

Villanova requires all employees to have a background clearance. Information on pre-employment and renewals, as well as other helpful information, can be found on the Background Clearances page.

It is Villanova’s policy to protect the confidentiality of information concerning current and former employees. Villanova University will verify staff employment information through the following processes.

Faculty members needing employment and income verification requests should contact the Office of the Provost at (610) 519-4525. 

Occasionally, there are requests for an employee’s or former employee’s personal information such as home address, telephone number, etc. from external entities as well as from internal departments of the University. This type of information is released only to the Office of Public Safety.

Staff and temporary employees should use The Work Number® from Equifax for all employment and income verification requests. The Work Number® is a simpler and more discreet way to help get proof of your employment and income information to credentialed companies when needed. It’s available 24/7 so that you can get the decisions you need when you need them.

Logging in to The Work Number:

  • Start by going to The Work Number Employee page 
  • Select “Log In” and follow the prompts
  • Enter the Employer code 4258606
  • If this is your first time – pick “Register Now”
  • If a returning user – enter your username and password you
  • The screens prompts will walk you through all the steps to help verify your identity and keep your account private while offering helpful messages if you have problems.

For assistance contact The Work Number Employee Service Center at:

  • 800-367-2884, Monday-Friday 8:00 am - 9:00 pm (ET)
  • TTY- hearing impaired: 800-424-0253

Villanova University will verify student employment information in writing only. Verification requests along with the individuals signed release of information may be faxed to Human Resources at (610) 519-6667 or sent via email

Requests must include an email address for the return of completed verifications. Please expect a turnaround time of up to 2 business days for employment verifications.

Villanova University will re-verify only the following information by telephone, after receiving authorization from the employee or former employee:

  1. active employment status 
  2. inactive employment status 
  3. no employment record.

Human Resources will verify only information relating to dates of employment, job title, and salary. Unless legally compelled, Human Resources will not provide information such as eligibility for rehire, reason for leaving, or performance evaluation information.

Effective February 12, 2021, requests must be accompanied by a signed authorization, no more than 60-days from original date of signature, from the individual authorizing the University to verify this information.

Please note that Villanova University has selected The Work Number® service from Equifax to help provide automated income and employment verifications.  Please visit The Work Number or call The Work Number Client Service Center at 1-800-367-5690.

New to The Work Number?

In order to verify income and employment go to The Work Number to view the many different verification services and sign up now or login to your account.

Sign up as one of the following:

  • Verify for Your Organization – Verify someone's employment, income or work history
  • Government Program Verification - Determine someone's eligibility for government assistance

If you are a hiring manager and looking to hire a student, please see our detailed information on hiring a student

If you are a student, please see our Student Employment page.

To enroll in your benefits or update your benefits due to a life event, please visit the Benefits Portal and follow the step by step instructions below.
  • Life Events: Please click here for step by step instructions if you have had a qualified life event and need to enroll in or update your benefits. Click here to access the benefits portal.

As a new hire you have 31 days from your hire date to enroll in benefits.

  1. Benefits Orientation: Upon your date of hire, you will be enrolled in the online benefits orientation
  2. Find Information Online: Explore the Human Resources website for information.
  3. Choose Carefully: The benefits you choose will be effective until May 31. You cannot make changes during the year unless you have a qualified life status change, such as a marriage or the birth/adoption of a child. 
  4. Questions: Having difficulty accessing the system? Email us

How to Enroll

After you have completed the benefits orientation, please enroll in your benefits following the instructions below.

Medical/Dental/Vision/FSA/Childcare Subsidy/Life Insurance/Voluntary Benefits

  1. Go to the Villanova Benefits Portal.
  2. You will be directed to the welcome page. Once there, select "Enroll Now." 
  3. Click on Step By Step. This will walk you through the enrollment process.
  4. After you enroll, view your electronic confirmation statement to make sure everything is correct. You can print it or email it to yourself. 
  5. If you have any questions, please email us and a member of the benefit team will get back to you. 


As a part of NOVAfit! you will have access to our wellness platform Wellbeats. All full-time benefit eligible employees will receive a welcome email from Wellbeats by the end of their hire month. Wellbeats provides access to 1,000+ classes covering physical fitness, mental health, nutrition education, recipes, and more. 

Through NOVAfit! you can also receive a discount on your medical insurance premium by completing the Physician Affidavit Form.

If you do not receive a welcome email please email Patrick Valentine.

Retirement Benefits

You can enroll in the retirement benefits at any time through the TIAA CREF/Villanova Microsite.

To update your benefits due to a life event, please access the Benefits Portal and follow the below instructions. 

  1. Once on the homepage of the Benefits Portal, please click "Make A Change."
  2. Select "Initiate a Life Event."
  3. Select the appropriate life event from the list.
  4. Once you have initiated the life event, the benefits department must approve the life event. Also, please note, that you will need to provide supporting documentation for the life event to be approved. 
    1. Acceptable documentation: letter stating loss of or gain of additional coverage on official company letterhead, birth certificate for the birth of a child, divorce decree, marriage certificate, etc.  Please note that an email is not sufficient and cannot be accepted as proof of loss of or gain or coverage elsewhere.
  5. Once the life event has been approved, you will be able to return to the enrollment portal to complete your enrollment.

You can view and update your personal information by logging into MyNova and searching "View and Update Personal Information."

Villanova University has recently updated the veterans and disability voluntary self-identification forms.

Villanova University is a federal government contractor and as a recipient of federal funding (funding for research, student financial aid, etc.), Villanova is required to collect and report information on our applicants and employees to assess our affirmative action efforts.

Villanova is required to conduct various analyses of our workforce and to develop an Affirmative Action Plan. Villanova conducts an annual analysis of the employment of women, minorities, veterans and individuals with disabilities in our workforce, as well as an analysis of the personnel actions that have taken place during the year, such as hires, promotions and terminations. This information assists us in identifying potential barriers to equal employment opportunities, especially with respect to women, minorities, veterans and individuals with disabilities.

So that we can report aggregate data as accurately as possible, and develop effective Affirmative Action plans, we ask that employees consider self-identifying as a veteran and/or a person with a disability. A designation option to "decline to state" is provided, and submission of veteran and disability information is voluntary. The information is used only in aggregate form and only as needed to comply with the required analyses. Declining to provide this information will not subject you to any adverse treatment. 

If you wish to update your Veteran & Disability status with the University, please complete the following:

  • Login to myNOVA
  • Search for the form(s):
    • Voluntary Self-Identification of Protected Veterans Status
    • Voluntary Self-Identification of Disability
  • Complete and submit the form(s)

For information on UKG Ready, please visit the UKG Ready resource page.