Sustainable Engineering Curriculum:

  • Three Core Courses: three credits each; nine credits total.
  • Two to Four Elective Core Courses: three credits each; six to 12 credits total.
  • Three to five Track courses: three credits each; nine to 15 credits total.
  • Research Options: One capstone course (three credits) or a two course thesis option (six credits.) These would be taken in lieu of track courses.

The thesis option requires a presentation of work at a conference or at Villanova. Thesis requires research advisor and program director approval.

Total Credits: = 30 needed to graduate

EGR 7113 - Sustainable Materials & Design (Fall)
EGR 7115
- Sustainable Engineering Systems (Spring)
EGR 7200
- Biomimicry (Spring)
EGR 8111 - Advanced Lifecycle Analysis (Fall, pre-req: EGR7111)
EGR 8112 - Supply Chain Sustainability (Spring)
EGR 7120 - Intro to Sust. Engineering for International Development (Fall) ID
EGR 7121 - Sust. WASH for Development (Sp. – even, pre-req: EGR7120) ID
EGR 7123 - ICT and Energy for Development (Sp. – odd, pre-req: EGR7120) ID
EGEN 7116 - Sust. Innovation & Entrepreneurship (Fall – odd) ENT

Note: Select Elective Core courses can contribute to two optional specialization areas that can be pursued in addition to Engineering Discipline Tracks – International Development (labeled ID above) and Entrepreneurship (ENT above). 

Bill Lorenz
Sustainable Engineering Program Director and Professor of Practice

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