We don't just educate engineers. We deliver a rigorous education that prepares students to make meaningful change in the world. With a core liberal arts curriculum guided by the Augustinian values of truth, unity and love, Villanova Engineers are socially grounded, conscientious thinkers and doers who are inspired to solve problems, think creatively, work collaboratively and innovate in every field. 


Preston Whiteman, Mechanical Engineering

“My service experience in Cambodia made me a better, more creative and more resourceful engineer, as well as expanding my cultural horizon.”

Preston Whiteman, Mechanical Engineering (BS/MS)

Tony Colarusso, Chemical Engineering

“Studying abroad helped me grow as a person and become more aware of the global impact that engineers can make.”

Tony Colarusso,
Chemical Engineering

Lauren Garofalo, Mechanical Engineering

“Getting involved in research has been equally as important to my education as my coursework. True understanding comes from application.”

Lauren Garofalo, Mechanical Engineering