Sustainable Engineering decorative

Graduate students conduct multidisciplinary research through Villanova’s Sustainable Engineering program, applying a STEEP (social, technological, environmental, economic and political) life cycle analysis perspective to sustainable engineering problems.


Primary Research Areas

Material Recovery as a Waste Management Strategy in Trinidad and Tobago” – Janique Cheesman ’14

Holistic Modeling for the Hydrothermal Carbonization of Anaerobic Digestate from Multiple Waste Streams” – Andrew Jester ’16

“Conversion of algal biomass cultivated in digested wastewater into biofuels” - Nazareno Roggero Luque ‘16

“Optimizing Anaerobic digestion and Hydrothermal Conversion to transform organic waste for maximum holistic benefits” – Madelyn Spinner ’17

“Capture of Methane from Dairy” – Nicole Meyer ’18

“More Sustainable Reading Terminal” - Kaleigh Schott ‘18

“Vertical Gardening whole systems analysis for a viable system” - Adam Butler ‘19

“Integrated closed loop vertical gardening HTC waste conversion LCA” - Philip Armstrong ‘19

“The fundamental science and engineering of hydrothermal carbonization and analyzing commercialization potential through a full systems analysis.” – Jeremy Taylor ‘19

“Performance Monitoring of Rural Community Water Systems” – Daniel Cain ’14

“Holistic Wastewater treatment assessment of Cajamarca, Peru and a proposed design to achieve energy efficiency via biogas capture from anaerobic digestion” – Hector Rojas ’15

“Supply, Demand, and Performance for Gravity-Driven Water Supply Systems in Rural Nicaragua” – Iain Hunt ’15

“Functionality and Sustainability of Water Systems Under Public-Private Partnership Management in Madagascar” - Benjamin Bogardus ’16

“Sustainability Impacts of Pre-Paid Water Kiosks on Rural and Small-Town Water Systems in Tanzania” - Joel Nightingale ’18

“Community managed water supply systems in Nicaragua” – Julia Musso ’18