E-Learning: A Benefit for Online & On Campus Students

Engineering E-Learning

Villanova’s top-ranked Graduate Engineering program has a built-in online component known as E-Learning that is available to online and on campus students alike. Unlike other programs, ours is unique in that students can choose from the following options to earn their degree:

  1. Complete your degree entirely online (synchronously or asynchronously)
  2. Combine online and on campus options, allowing you to alternate between attending class and participating remotely, depending upon your own availability and preference* 
  3. Attend all classes on campus with 24/7 access to online content 

*Most popular option and what sets Villanova's graduate engineering program apart from other universities. In fact, 99% of enrolled graduate students access online content at some point during their studies.

Students taking classes from a distance find the experience to be seamless. E-Learning students are enrolled in the exact same course with the same instructor as their in-class peers, and can choose to log in and participate in real time with on campus students. 

There is no difference for the online student other than the physical location of where they take the class. This is beneficial because it provides E-Learning students with the option to come to campus if they choose. All students receive the same diploma and there is no designation as to whether your degree was earned online or on campus. 

E-Learning benefits

  • Log in in real-time from anywhere in the world with internet access
  • Participate in the discussion alongside in-class classmates
  • Never miss a class due to travel, work or family obligations
  • An option to come to campus to meet your professor and classmates
  • 100% synchronous (or view recorded lectures at your convenience)
  • Access to all E-Learning resources helps all students complete homework and prepare for exams 

E-Learning at a Glance

Important Notices for for Distance Education Students

The following includes important information for students participating in online courses, online programs and/or on-ground clinicals or practicums while physically located outside of Pennsylvania.

Read the Notices for Distance Education Students