Water has been described as the next oil. It is one of our critical planetary boundaries and is already in short supply in much of the world. This track will prepare the sustainable engineer to manage all aspects of water resources across the hydrological cycle.

Coursework for the Water Resources Sustainability track draws upon curriculum from Villanova’s master's program in Water Resources and Environmental Engineering. Instructors include world renowned experts in the field of sustainable urban storm water management. Course options cover areas including hydraulics, surface and groundwater hydrology, water quality topics, geo-environmental engineering topics, and water resources planning and management.

Key knowledge, skills and capabilities include:

  • Water pollutant identification/analysis
  • Green infrastructure
  • Mass transfer/transport
  • Geographic information systems

Top research areas:

  • Sustainable rivers and watersheds
  • Sustainable storm water management
  • Surface water hydrology
  • Watershed quality

Key courses include:



Bill Lorenz
Sustainable Engineering Program Director and Professor of Practice

610-519-6195 | william.lorenz@villanova.edu